Sunday, April 7, 2013

Is your club ok with lesbians?

I completely forgot to talk about the best part about last night.  My first customer was my first returning FEMALE customer.  This hottie, omg... 
Edit - 10:41 a.m. 

This post is for the guys who like lesbians.  

HOLY SHIT.  I want to protect her anonymity so we'll call her Mary Jane.  She's petite, has perfectly big, round, natural boobs.  Blubababbababagh!  If only I wasn't wearing makeup... If only she was naked too... 

Mary Jane tipped me a $20 while I was on stage and said, "I'd like a dance with you when you get off stage." 

SAY NO MORE!  I'll be with you as soon as my set is done!  So I collected some singles while I finished up my set.  

I quickly got off the stage and went straight for Mary Jane.  We got to talking again.

Turns out she is a cam model and stupid me didn't exchange web info because I was distracted by her awesomeness.  I asked her if she'd ever try dancing, since cam modeling is almost the same thing.  

"Is this club okay with girls being together?" 

I wasn't quite sure.  I know we can't make out, eat pussy, touch pussy with hands, or do what we tell our customers they can't do.  

But that question made me realize Mary Jane just might be lesbian.  Because if she is... I might want to experiment with her.  And I'm so stupid for not getting any of her info or giving her mine.  

I felt bad taking her money for that dance.   Hot girls need not spend their money on dances.  But my inner corporate cocksucker takes over when I'm under that club roof, and lesbians that hit on me still want to pay like men.  

Not going to lie, I fucking enjoyed every minute I was with Mary Jane.  I should look for her like a pathetic Internet dweller.  Who knows, I probably have just enough info to find her.  

Fucking Internet, man, it's surprising how many people haven't realized the power of the Internet and how many people are still clueless about it.