Monday, February 24, 2014

Stop neglecting the blog

Sorry, I just love real life so much.  I am not a good example of a young technology user.

I've been working hard at school lately, and my grades reflect that.  I'm probably gonna get straight A's if I keep my game up.  Cannot fall behind, you see.

And it's Pisces time!  Fuck yeah!  Birthday... :D

I have been having a LOT of strange moments in the last 5 days.

On the 19th, I sat down at a tutoring table of two other Pisces, one had the same birthday as me, and the other was two days before mine.  To me, what are the odds?

And I had a lesbian stripper good dream last night.  One of the hotties just dragged me to some magical bed that somehow appeared in the club and we had hot wet lesbian 69 sex, making each other come... Yeah.  I spell come right, fuck CUM BECAUSE IT'S SO DUM TO SPELL LIKE THIS.

So somehow I ended up getting cash because I guess we were still in the club and some people watched (I had no idea because I was too busy eating pussy) and I said something to urge them to toss forward some dough for this epic show, and I ended up counting a bunch of BIG bills, shocked at the generosity.  I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one having fucked up dreams lately.

And last weekend, I got recognized by someone who must know me by my real name because he was FUCKING SHOUTING IT ONE TOO MANY TIMES!


It didn't help that I reacted instead of acted, because I looked them dead in the eyes when they yelled my name.  And then I turned around after I didn't recognize them, knowing its too late, they KNEW it was me.

To the ladies that are new to dancing or considering it, this is the harsh reality of working at a good strip club near where you grew up.  Eventually, someone from your past winds up there and DEFINITELY recognizes you.  You can't pretend you are someone else at that point and it is one of the most awkward feelings in the world, especially if you aren't very outspoken about your "night job."

So other than that, my weekend rocked.  I was on fire, customers blew ALL of their cash on me, it's definitely good when that happens.  Hope it's March starting early, or I'm just getting way hotter because I've been hitting the gym?  I'm gonna shut off my arrogant hose and enjoy this coming month.  I'm hoping for record highs.

Everyone enjoy the next few weeks being brilliantly weird and amazing.