Sunday, October 27, 2013

Totally "Office Spacing" it

I'm lacking motivation tonight.  I've been incredibly busy working on schoolwork this week.  I managed to squeeze in a shift last night for a few hours.  The club got dead halfway through the night, so I went on break and then decided not to come back.  I've been really tired, and sick, too.

My earnings are completely pitiful for the week.  Gotta love education loans paying rent this time.

I've got even more schoolwork for next week, so I'm using this weekend to study hard for my test.  See where my priorities lie?  I'm starting to get over all the bullshit I deal with at work.  It's not even that exciting to me anymore.

The only interesting thing that happened last night was the "lap dance connoisseur" who wanted a "connection."


I couldn't poker face that one.  I jokingly (but really meant) said, "You should know that when you're getting a lap dance, there's nothing actually 'there.'"

I suppose it's not my flirting skills that are lacking, it's my acting skills that could use a touch up.  I was very down to business, and none of the guys come to the club to "do business."

But it's always so easy to buy drinks, but somehow lap dances aren't.

And someone who might be from one of my classes asked me while I was on stage if I went to school.  UGH don't fucking bring that up, can't you see I'm working?  Don't make it creepy, please.

I need to get over this cold.  I think I effectively spread it last week, but I am still coughing and hacking shit up.  This is probably why I don't have much willpower to work tonight.

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend for Halloween.  I'm gonna be the devil which I thought was a fitting character for me.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

So bad I got drunk

It's been a long time since I drank at work.  Usually I make some kind of money during my first hour.  Not tonight, though.  What bullshit.  I fucking hate nights like these.  Such wastes of time.

Since I couldn't sell a dance, I decided tonight would be the night I had some liquor.  Then I stopped being so shy.  It became easier to mingle with people.  Sometimes I mistake the hot lady customers as judgmental bitches, but tipsy me had no problem going up to them.  Turned out to be great for me because there was a group, two ladies and a guy, and they each tipped me a $5 bill.  That was probably the highlight of my night.  Two hot ladies who are hot enough to work along side me tipping better than all the other fucking losers populating my club.

Wow, loser is just the beginning of what I would call the people that came in tonight.  Some guy had it bad for me, and the more I talked to him, the more I hated him.  The last straw was when he and his buddy came up with a whole $5 to offer for a dance for the both of them.  ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!?

By then, I'd had a few and I told him, "Ya know, you're pissing me off.  I'm outta here."

I forgot how easy it is to insult the hell outta people when you're wasted.  Fuck them, I don't deserve to be insulted with a $5 dance for two people.  Just. Die. Both of them should remove themselves from the gene pool.

Friday, October 4, 2013

What do you feed that thing?

Ha, I remembered something funny from the other night.

I was on stage bouncing my chubbier butt for dollars and some young guy asked me, pointing at my ass, "Wow, girl, what do you feed that thing?"

For the entire week I was eating just the worst foods a stripper could eat and all of them had one thing in common:

"CARBS!" I blurted at him.  He and his young friends laughed hard.

So funny because it's true.  I've been on the college carb and coffee diet.  Ugh.  No wonder I feel fat and shitty.  Gotta stop putting off the workouts.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Too busy not stripping

Well, I guess things around here may be getting quiet because I hardly ever strip.  I've become a sustenance stripper.  I only work the weekend nights.  The rest of my time is spent working on school, chores, fitness and socializing.  Who cares if I don't make enough money?  That's what financial aid is for.

I also got lazy on my workouts.  My ass is getting bigger, I can tell!  I'm milking my good luck while I can.  Because before school, I wasn't lazy with my workouts and my body was thin and cut.  My abs faded back into my increasing adipose.  My thighs aren't as tight, either.  But my ass grew.  And it's not nasty, yet.  So it's good news for now.

I took a step back and reworked my time management and drew up a new plan and fit in some workout time with my class and study time.  We'll see how well I can stick with it.  Sometimes I overestimate my willpower.  "Easier said than done" kind of thing, because do you ever look at something on the schedule and go, "I just don't FEEL like it!"

My ass got real good at listening to that devious thought when it came to exercise on school days.