Friday, June 29, 2012

No takers.

Actually, there were no givers tonight. I had one customer tonight. After my house cut, I was left with little cash.

What a shitty night.

That leaves a lot of room for improvement for tomorrow. It's hard not to be bitter about the money I made tonight so I am going to pretend I didn't even go in because I could've stayed home and enjoyed myself.

But no. I thought I should be responsible and stay in those seven inch heels all night long. Who the fuck was I kidding? I should have stayed home, knowing how shitty it was at 12:30. But sometimes there is a rush if drunk people after the bars close, but not tonight!

Nobody was buying tonight, simply put. It wasn't me. My only customer was begging me to go home with him. If I was a hooker I might've made a lot of money tonight. But I know I'm better off not doing that

Monday, June 25, 2012

Strippers love...

...Shiny shoes.


I want all the boots and that includes thigh-high, knee-high and mid-calf boots, and I want different colors...

Don't get me started on the pink sparkle shoes.

This is not product placement, I'm not being paid to say this. I like the Bejeweled line of shoes from Pleaser. And I have been eyeballing this pink pair I have a link to.

I'm not so good at formatting on the iPad, so copy n paste this link

and see the shoes I'm talking about.

I'm going to browse more fuck-me pumps on the Pleaser website. God I love their shoes. It's like Christmas when I get a new pair. Even the pain of breaking them in is pleasant because I know they are new! They don't stink, they're not all fucked up from the stage, and the plastic straps have to be heated with a hair dryer to get my fat feet in them.

I'm due for that feeling. I should get new shoes every three months and not because I'm a spoiled stripper but something goes wrong with my shoes after using them for that long. My current pair has a loose sole and they are starting to smell. But they still got another three months. I just need a shiny pair in a different color. And I want those pink sparkle shoes.

Plus it's better to have more than one pair of good shoes that way if I switch them off every week, I'm not wearing them all the time, thus not wearing them out as fast. I think I should have a good pair of black heels, white or clear heels, and a good pair of colored heels. And the next colored pair I'm thinking about buying are the pink sparkle shoes.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tonight was better than last night. Yes!

And the beat goes on.

Another Saturday, another nice chunk.

I'm trying to think of what was special about tonight and I have nothing... Yet.

Accidentally scratched Death Drop on stage. Totally felt bad because I have sharp nails, and I didn't see her... Cuz she is a ninja and does a lot of sudden moves. But I love her. I hope she didn't hate my guts for that.

But I diffuse drama like no other. I can't fight with anyone. I doubt I could ever provoke a girl to fight me. Luckily I work with girls that wanna make money just as bad as me, so none of them would risk losing their gig at the club by getting in a fight.

It wasn't very busy tonight. Many people showed up, but it wasn't packed like it gets on most Saturdays. Stupid summer months. Hurry up Labor Day, I need my numbers to go back up. God, that's more than two months away.

Time for bed, it's getting light out.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

What the fuck, Friday

All I heard from the girls tonight was, "I want to go home early, I hate these guys out there!"

And I was one of them! I didn't hate everyone, some of the guys were nice enough to hire me, some just wanted to talk, but most of the guys that showed up were the boys that talk the talk but can't walk the walk. They have NO money, constantly proposition me, and they usually stink.

These guys were trying to grab our "attention" in all the wrong ways. No money out, and they expect me to flap my butt cheeks up n down for them. And then when I ask for the money they want me to dance harder. UGH!!!

Then of course the poor boys ask me what I'm doing after work, trying to hit me up to go home with them. Nothing would please me more than to just take everything in their wallets and go home BY MYSELF and toss it all over the bedroom floor.

Then I would pick it all up and neatly stash it away for later use. It's not smart to leave money laying around. Though it's convenient to find money under the bed or in the jeans from the other day.

One more day of dealing with horn dogs then I am off the hook til next week. I shouldn't complain... I could be working 5 nights a week but I don't. I only work 3, maybe 4 if I'm behind on bills. So one more day of work is not so bad. In fact, tomorrow is Saturday and I look forward to it. I'm gonna kick some ass.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

What a nice night off.

I got to see a great show, I got my Wally world shopping done at 5 a.m. I love going at that time because there are no people there. Any other time is filled with the trashy moms and screaming children. Those words alone make me cringe.

I kind of wish I went to work after the show but I am going to stop thinking about it and be happy with the decision I made. Now I'm going to bed because it's light outside.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

I kicked ass.

I had another guy fall in love again. Maybe the extra ten pounds makes me that much more fun to squeeze. Because he LOVED my body... Couldn't get enough of it. And I couldn't get him to stop spending his money on me... Ahh!

I was so brutal! I made more money than I expected, which is always a good feeling. And because the last two nights were so tough, it makes tonight feel that much sweeter.

It also happened to be Friday. The feeding grounds are just more plentiful. Something would've been going wrong like last week if I didn't do better than my last two nights.

With that surge of success I'm going to be lazy and take tomorrow night off. Though I would probably do awesome because I would be on fire.

But I have a killer show to see. I'm taking my mini vacation now.

I'll try to remember to post but I usually get the motivation to write right after my shower and meal. But I go back to work Wednesday. I'm gonna try hump day one more time this month.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Wow, no guys came in again.

Holy crap it's summer!

Not a whole lot of fish biting, if you know what I mean.

But I can't starve, so I had to stick with the feeding grounds I chose.

I think I did good tonight, with the competition being so stiff.

I caught one big fish at the end, in which I thank my own patience. Many girls were getting fed the fuck up! And I don't blame them. I was feeling that way when I wasn't catching anyone's attention. Every guy had a sexy woman attached to him. Good for the guys, not so good for me.

I stopped to talk to one girl, her name will be Body Builder, who was getting pretty restless. She said, "I'm just walking around in circles! This sucks! There are three girls to one guy in here. Welcome to summer."

I bantered with her because I could relate. "I know, this is time of year we really can't afford to take nights off."

She said, "I know! I actually have to budget, like what the fuck?"

I couldn't take that comment... I know we are strippers and we should make lots of money but budgeting is what normal people do, and it's certainly not as convenient as having an endless pile of twenties. But it's not 2006 anymore. These days guys just don't have much room for lap dances in their budgets.

I'm happy with what I get. I'm not rich, but certainly not poor, either. I'm not bitching tonight.

Wow, that's rare. I like this!

I hope I have a better post tomorrow. I bet I will.

Forecast looks good.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Glad I'm not working tonight.

I love my nights off. I can do whatever I want.

I like this one TV show you might know. It comes on Sunday nights, sexy characters, supernaturals, blood, vampires, sex, gay, all that shit. I fuckin love it.

I like watching TV. I mean Netflix. Bless them and their lack of commercials. At least we are limited to product placement. But I don't blame the creators for taking money from Coca Cola, Apple, and all the other logos you find laying around in the screen of your latest TV obsession.

No, Netflix didn't pay me to tell you I enjoy my subscription. In fact I will tell you what they didn't tell everyone: you can spend hours wasting time sitting on the couch. My ass is getting fat. I should be running.

Speaking of getting fat, this girl I work with, Farmers Daughter, is a skinny blonde bitch about three years younger than me with one of the tightest bodies I've ever seen. So tight that her curves are slight, but still high and perky. She is thin but solid. She probably weighs 110 if she's as muscular as I think she is. But not an ounce more.

Anyway, she made a comment in the dressing room about being 5'5" and getting to 120 would probably be too big.

Those are my dimensions and I can't believe I actually felt fat! I KNOW my body is slamming, but I look at myself in the mirror and think I don't look as good as I did 3 years ago. But for a second I wanted to smack her and say, "Bitch, this is what a petite 120 looks like. Put those ten pounds in your ass where you need it."

It just rages me because she really could afford those ten pounds, maybe more. But I just need to remember that my club is shallow as a toddlers swimming pool. There is a fat list and I heard it doesn't take much weight to get on it.

I like my body where it is, I always have. I'm just worried about the time when I have to actually work out to stay that way. I'm well into my twenties and getting older. I can't be getting any lazier. If I haven't learned by now that life is hard work, I'm screwed.

But I'm not. I will always find a way to make it. As long as there are people out their with money, I will come up with a way to get it. Getting rich is hard, but getting by isn't.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

It's summer. Time for a vacation.

Things are back to normal for me. Same old Saturday night in June. I remember money gets tough this time of year. Everybody blows their cash on vacation with their stupid families.

Blow it on me! Blow it ALL on me. (picture me on my knees leaning back saying that haha)

I'm due for a vacation, I tell ya.


Good lord I HATE hustling. I love dancing and being naked and all, but god dammit when that fucker does not put cash out, it's like. I'm doing my part, now do yours and we continue this cycle til however long you want it to go.

Grr, this economy STANKS.

I talk to girls who have been stripping since before 2007 telling me that it really is a big difference. There aren't nearly as many guys with money these days.

But the beat goes on. Pussy sells and it always will.

I only caught one big fish tonight, and a few small ones. Including this one Hispanic fish. Who was a TOTAL fucking cheap ass to me, and I thought to myself, "THAT IS IT. I'm getting my fucking money up fucking front I DON'T GIVE A SHIT ANYMORE." (Steam comes from my ears) I was feeling a little insane at that point, not gonna lie.

I like to watch the news when I write my blog. Sunday mornings are so funny. They roll the dumbest fucking stories. I just wanna call them and say, "Slow news day, huh." It's all bullshit. Talking about high school, local bands, stupid dogs, the dude with the newest prosthetic limbs... EVERYBODY LOOK, THIS GUY HAD HIS LEGS BLOWN OFF OVERSEAS. Here is his 60 seconds of fame.

I met a certain sports journalist tonight. I thought I had him in the bag but I tell you, this cutthroat business gets me all kinds of green, some not so good shades. I don't like when my envious side comes out but the chick who looks kinda like me got him instead of me. He came in last night and the same thing happened! I really hate my timing, I just wanna repeat that. I HATE MY FUCKING TIMING. That is the one thing that kills my money time and time again.

Did I mention I'm due for a vacation? It's coming. I'm taking next Saturday off and I'm going to see an amazing concert.

Goodnight, hit me up, I need more love, thoughts, constructive criticism, other insights, information...