Friday, June 29, 2012

No takers.

Actually, there were no givers tonight. I had one customer tonight. After my house cut, I was left with little cash.

What a shitty night.

That leaves a lot of room for improvement for tomorrow. It's hard not to be bitter about the money I made tonight so I am going to pretend I didn't even go in because I could've stayed home and enjoyed myself.

But no. I thought I should be responsible and stay in those seven inch heels all night long. Who the fuck was I kidding? I should have stayed home, knowing how shitty it was at 12:30. But sometimes there is a rush if drunk people after the bars close, but not tonight!

Nobody was buying tonight, simply put. It wasn't me. My only customer was begging me to go home with him. If I was a hooker I might've made a lot of money tonight. But I know I'm better off not doing that