Monday, June 25, 2012

Strippers love...

...Shiny shoes.


I want all the boots and that includes thigh-high, knee-high and mid-calf boots, and I want different colors...

Don't get me started on the pink sparkle shoes.

This is not product placement, I'm not being paid to say this. I like the Bejeweled line of shoes from Pleaser. And I have been eyeballing this pink pair I have a link to.

I'm not so good at formatting on the iPad, so copy n paste this link

and see the shoes I'm talking about.

I'm going to browse more fuck-me pumps on the Pleaser website. God I love their shoes. It's like Christmas when I get a new pair. Even the pain of breaking them in is pleasant because I know they are new! They don't stink, they're not all fucked up from the stage, and the plastic straps have to be heated with a hair dryer to get my fat feet in them.

I'm due for that feeling. I should get new shoes every three months and not because I'm a spoiled stripper but something goes wrong with my shoes after using them for that long. My current pair has a loose sole and they are starting to smell. But they still got another three months. I just need a shiny pair in a different color. And I want those pink sparkle shoes.

Plus it's better to have more than one pair of good shoes that way if I switch them off every week, I'm not wearing them all the time, thus not wearing them out as fast. I think I should have a good pair of black heels, white or clear heels, and a good pair of colored heels. And the next colored pair I'm thinking about buying are the pink sparkle shoes.