Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sit on my lap

... For free.

NO.  Just no.

I didn't feel like playing that game but all the guys who showed up did.  Except for my saint of a regular.  He was the only guy who was good to me.

Some stupid old guy tried to sell me life insurance.  I was 100% sure I needed to get away from him as soon as he said, "come back and see me, I'll get your number, we can set up a meeting at Denny's and it'll only take 15 minutes to sign up."


I don't want to
A. Come back and see you if you're not buying
B. Give you my phone number
C. Meet you at Denny's
D. Give you my fucking money for life insurance

Tonight was not a money night.  Since there were no girls working last night, they all showed up to work tonight.  The feeding grounds weren't very plentiful either so all that was working against me tonight.  I hate to say I failed, but I feel like I did.  Better luck tomorrow, I hope.

And I had one of those "what the fuck was I thinking" moments.  We ALL have them.

Last night one of the newer girls asked to borrow my cell phone.  It was late so I thought she was calling for a ride home.  It turns out she was using it for business and I got a bunch of text messages from her fucking customer asking me to have this girl call him back and that he's been waiting for her and she took all his money and all this stuff I DIDN'T NEED TO KNOW.  I'm lucky he didn't keep blowing up my phone.

This is why I don't let bitches borrow my cell phone.  Too bad for the customer, but it's his fault he let that bitch play him.  I just wish I didn't have to know about it.  It's not my business and I don't want any part of it.  Stupid ass holes.  I'm so mad at that bitch for using my phone to play a customer.  And she took a long time using it, too.  No more lending out my phone.  Lesson relearned.  I can't trust anyone and I wish I could.

Enough whining.  I think it got it all out of my system.  I don't need any negativity from tonight running over into tomorrow.  I love Saturday night.