Friday, February 1, 2013

Stormy cloud

I didn't go to work tonight.

I'm lazy and my gut told me tonight wasn't gonna be a good money night.  I'm saving my energy for tomorrow and Saturday night.  I don't need to start my week off with a Thursday night bomb.

I know I just said in my last post I wouldn't let my stormy financial forecast stop me from being a responsible stripper and going to work, but I did.  Call it abusing the freedom to choose my own hours... I love being a stripper.

And if I learned anything from last May/June, I would know tonight (Thursday the 31st) is the night to skip in my three-night work week.

But if I learned anything from last week, I would know that I can still make good money on a Thursday night.

I'm gonna stop contradicting myself because it's an embarrassing problem I need to work on.  I think it has something to do with my zodiac sign being a Pisces - two fish swimming in opposite directions.  One fish swims left, the other swims to the right.  Great for hearing both sides of the story, not great for making quick decisions.  Sometimes I hold up drive thrus trying to make up my mind.

Good fish: order water to drink
Bad fish: but I want Sprite!
Good fish: is there anything on this menu that won't make me fat
Bad fish: who cares?  You aren't fat now.
Good fish: "I'd like to order a chicken salad..."
Bad fish: "...with a Sprite to drink."

One thing I know for sure - I won't miss tomorrow night so you can expect my next post to be about work.