Thursday, February 21, 2013

Working on hump day

I worked tonight.  I didn't expect to be working with so many other girls but I guess they all had the same idea as me: go in on Wednesday to get a good head start for the week.

It was too slow for the amount of girls working.  I managed to sell a few dances but not enough.  I guess making something is better than sitting on my ass watching TV all night.

I am thinking about taking Friday off.  I don't want to, but so far this month, every Friday night has sucked.  And I need to celebrate my birthday.  I think I'll get piss drunk.  I need to let my hair down once in a while.  I can't be corporate all the time.

No stand-out personalities tonight.  More loser game runners.  Someone wanted me to sit on his lap for free.  I had a feeling he wasn't gonna buy a dance anyway so I took off.  I don't like to walk away when it's slow because there were no guys.  I probably shouldn't expect a lot on Wednesday nights anyway, but I can still refuse to put up with bullshit.

Anyway, looks like my club is going virtual.  Apparently I can get paid online to do webcam dances. I'm not so sure if I like that idea, especially because the cam service wants 60% of online sales.  Seems more worth it to do in-person dances for cash.  But I'll still take all the online tips I can get.

I really don't want to mix my blogger identity with my online-stripper identity.  I say some mean things about customers here and I don't think that would increase my business.  I don't want my customers to know what I'm really thinking!  I love acting - it's my favorite part of stripping.  Or maybe the fast cash.  I think that's what I really like most about my job.