Monday, May 4, 2015

Haven't gone cold yet

I am surprised this blog still gets page views.  Must be the wealth of content or I have a few stalkers.  

Well, lately I've been working weekends here and there.  I just finished finals for the spring.  Good grades, still no job.  Probably because I strip.  Recruiters probably recognize me and I'm on a blacklist that I don't know about.  "Don't hire her, she's a stripper!"  There's nothing more awkward than running into a college recruiter at the strip club.  

I feel so fucked sometimes.  But I keep telling myself I can quit stripping and do something else.  Been telling myself this for the past two years.  

So I'll be grinding during the summer, wishing I had a full-time position in my field of education that pays around $20 an hour.  Maybe I'll go troll LinkedIn.  

This sounds depressing.  The truth is I'm not that unhappy with life.  Deep down, I still think lap dances are a lot easier than working full time during the day.  It beats working, but does nothing for my future, which is why I'm hard on myself now.  

Part of me just wants to pursue my other pipe dream and become a Hollywood actress, but I don't personally know James Cameron, J.J Abrams, Martin Scorcese or any of their colleagues.  Another part of me wishes society would catch up with the digital age and stop being so uptight about nudity.  So what if I'm a stripper?  It doesn't make me any less qualified than some other person who doesn't strip.  Shit makes me want to start a cultural revolution.  Make nudity okay, and make marijuana legal in the United States.  Catch up, America.  I don't wanna fucking move to Colorado.