Saturday, April 21, 2012

420 = Good Friday for me

I'm so happy I made up for my shitty weekend during that whole Easter weekend.

Two weeks later I'm making money with little effort. This job is unpredictable with cash, but everything else about it is very predictable.

Fuck I'm tired. It's so late. I mean early. Gotta go, sun's coming up.

Monday, April 9, 2012

WTF Easter

Good Friday for men = Good
Good Friday for strippers = BAD

I learned that Good Friday means men with money are out being moral with their families.  I did real bad for a Friday night.  All the girls came to work but all the men stayed home, and we all know what happens when there's a high girl-to-man ratio at the club.

I didn't bother going to work on Saturday night.  I knew everyone would be sleeping before church.  Next weekend should be better money wise.  It better be.

But I decided to use that night off to have some fun with my friends.  We watched some TV and had pizza.  I haven't done that in a while.  It felt pretty good, but it also sucks to have made such little cash.

My Easter Sunday was wonderful.  I got to be with my family.  We had a delicious dinner during the afternoon then sat on our lazy butts and enjoyed soaking up the TV.

What a nice weekend for my soul, but not my paycheck. 

Saturday, April 7, 2012

My daily routine

I remember having an assignment in my high school Spanish class. We had to tell everyone our daily routine in Spanish. Partly because the words we were learning were words like "shower, brush teeth, wash, dry..."

I'm going to tell you mine in English today, though. My situation is a bit different from most dancers. Most dancers have kids, school or crazy drug habits. I don't have kids yet, I'm done with school (til I figure out which grad school is worth my time), and I am not addicted to any crazy drugs.

Since I work nights, I sleep all morning. I usually wake up between noon and 2 p.m. I make sure not to sleep all day because sunshine is important for sanity. Trust me, there was a period of time when I didn't see the sun, and customers at work even noticed I was too weird. Being a vampire isn't all that glamourous.

After I wake up, I eat my breakfast which consists of something light and meatless, like fruit, yogurt or cereal with a bottle of water. I don't smoke cigarettes or drink coffee. They are unnecessary stimulants that ultimately make me look older sooner. I am lucky I never started those habits in the first place because I have seen people try to quit and it's not pretty.

After my morning meal I stretch my leg and hip muscles so I stay flexible. In my line of work, a more flexible dancer is a better dancer than one that's not.

By the time I'm done with my stretch, it's still the afternoon, which I use to clean my apartment, go grocery shopping, read educational books that were NOT assigned to me, play video games, go out with my friends that have the afternoon off... I LOVE having the afternoons to myself, but I will admit, sometimes I'm so bored I wish I had a part time job, but I know I want to dedicate my afternoons to my next big commitment, which will have bigger returns than any day job could produce.

Once 6:30 rolls around I'm hungry for dinner so I get cookin or I go out to eat, usually the latter because I'm not the best cook, I won't lie. Seems like everyone I know thinks they are the best chef in the world.

Once I'm done eating, if it's a work night, then it's time to head to work so I can get there early and sometimes catch a good wave of cash from whats left of the early crowd. I always do better on nights I show up early, hmm imagine that.

If its not a work night I enjoy my time "repairing my soul." I am a normal girl when I leave the club. I have my own life and it's nice to leave the job at work. I have very few friends from work, which helps keep my own life from getting sucked into the bad lifestyle often associated with "strippers."

I'm actually pretty happy right now. Since I sleep at the same time every night now, it's much easier to plan ahead, my meal routine is healthier, and I'm not falling asleep during the day.

Right now life is pretty good. :)