Thursday, August 30, 2012

Workin on Wednesday

So there were supposed to be a bunch of men with money showing up.  I'm starting to think its a lie.  See we have this big event in town that's supposed to be increasing our business, well it isn't increasing.

Tonight was another shitty Wednesday.  I managed to scrounge up some cash from some of the guys. Luckily at the end, a drunk guy was smitten and made my night a lot better than what I was about to leave with.

Oh, and earlier in the night, we had religious protesters outside the club driving away customers and tying to force a lawsuit by trying to get us to throw punches.  They were calling the patrons whoremongers and the girls whores.

I decided to take a lunch and wait for them to leave since no guys were coming in.  I got a ride from my boyfriend and when I got into the car, the protesters were yelling at me, saying I should be ashamed of myself.  It pissed off my boyfriend big time, he was yelling all kinds of offensive things back like, "FUCK YOUR GOD! JESUS WAS A SODOMITE!"

The whole thing was making me laugh, I just couldn't get mad, I knew it was what they wanted.

But when I came back nice and fed, I did the best I could while the night dragged on.  I don't know if I want to take tomorrow off or go in again.  I like making money but I am getting tired of all the hype and no action.  I'd rather wait for the weekend.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I forgot my shoes!

This never happens, I swear.  I spaced hardcore tonight.

I came in late, the same as last night and before I went inside, a few people from work said I missed the rush.  I shrugged that off because I don't take that discouraging chatter seriously.  I think they do it to fuck with their competition.  I can still make money,  I don't need a million patrons from a party bus to make money.

So I said, "There will be another one," and walked into the club.

Before I got past the door girl, she told me that tip out had been raised.  Well fuck.

I said, "Alright, I'll make it," and proceeded to the dressing room.

The club looked really empty.  I could see a few men sitting down with the vulture-type chicks lurking over them and a bunch of bored strippers lined the walls of the club.  Didn't look good.  But then again, it always looks like that when I show up.

I found a space to get dressed and I got my bikini on and one thing was missing: my high heels.  Where were they?  FUCK!  I wasn't gonna dance in my flip flops so I took off.

I went back home, made dessert, and decided to save my energy and work earlier tomorrow night.  I plan to work the rest of the week.  I shouldn't kill myself.  I felt pretty tired anyway.  I don't feel bad for not coming in tonight.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Monday was much better

A delightful surprise, I did better tonight than I did on Saturday.  It was a busy mad house when I came in late, tons of bitches but because it was so slow at first, most of them didn't bother to stay for the late rush, which was quite fine with me.  More money for me!

One of the girls I work with dressed up like a naughty Sarah Palin, and she banked.  I should do that.

But I don't look anything like her.  Even when I wear my glasses, they aren't the same shape.  I would have to be another politician lady, but no one is as famous as the nailin palin character.

It started out very slow tonight, I wasn't getting any guys until I got sucked into a double with one of the best hustlers in the club.  She was so good at getting those fools to dance even when they were like, "No."

That didn't stop her, they eventually caved.  I couldn't believe it.  That never happens to me!  But then again I've got guys from doing that, but usually I walk away, give him some time to "settle in." Sometimes it pays off, but most of the time I end up fucking myself because he just takes the next girl that comes up to him.  But whatever, I should try hard all the time.

Well, tomorrow should be just as good, so good luck to me!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Another useless Saturday

Nights like last night make me think I must be in the wrong business.  God.  It was high supply.  Every girl came to work with an impossible, lofty goal and no guy came to pay for our company, just wanted to see us naked for free.

I deserve better than this!

I was so disappointed once I noticed every guy had no money.  I started looking at them like they were all fucking douchebags because that is what they were to me, nothing more.  Sorry if he has a nice personality, but he paid the cover to do the same thing that whoremonger standing next to him was doing: see the naked ladies. I'm just a naked lady to them, nothing more, even though I am a person with feelings, just like him.  But I'm at work.  Feelings go aside because it's all about MONEY.

Money over people, that's how it is at the club.

I fucking hate money.  And yeah I am saying that because I didn't make any last night.

So fuck money.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Another night of suck

All I heard from my customers tonight was, "what are you doing after work?"

I should've said, "I'm going to fuck your mother, that's what I'm doing."

And to the ones that asked, "why don't you come dance for me at my hotel room?"

"So I can stab you and take all of your money?"

I know he would rather stab me with his cock and not pay me, but that wasn't gonna happen.

Some guy was like, "I get it if you're not attracted to me."

Uh, DUH.  You think a ten like me is gonna be into your ugly ass?  You must be here because you can't pick up chicks at a regular club.


Why do people from New York think they are so great? Is it because Alicia Keys wrote a song about that place?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Strippers try to talk politics

Ah, it's an election year.

So I was in the dressing room last weekend and I remember some girls arguing about voting republican or democrat.  And I noticed myself wasting too much time listening to them go back and forth spouting garbage they heard on TV.

They were so bad at explaining themselves, though.  I was laughing inside, listening to them talk about how previous presidents have failed and how Romney or Obama is the better choice.  They said things like, "let me know when you get raped because you can forget about Planned Parenthood if Romney wins," and the right-leaning girls getting yelled at were shooting back with taking away guns if Obama wins.

And it's like, who fucking cares?  Nothing is gonna change anytime soon because of all the nonsense talk and no work fixing the problem, no matter who wins.  With the way our government is set up, forget about legal weed, cheap abortion clinics, the economy getting better, welfare and the post office and bullshit like that...

People are humans and humans don't give a shit about other humans.  It's never gonna change no matter how hard we try to convince people to believe our stupid "agenda."

So strippers should vote democrat if they wanna collect food stamps and fuck the rich people, which are our best clients, so that's why it might be better to vote republican.  But I honestly don't care who gets put in office because my lack of faith in the government fulfilling its promises has overshadowed my belief in any candidate's agenda, democrat or republican.

Here's my agenda:
Government stays the fuck out of our business but remains the most bad ass force in the world for our protection only, not to dictate the way of life.

Charity degrades those who accept it and hardens those that give it.  Bums should either die or work for their money.

People can own whatever gun they want.

Women can get abortions whether it was rape or not.

People can do whatever drug and as much as they want.

People can smoke outside on university campus.  Can you believe some schools banned it?!

Increase trade, reset this money scale, completely erase the concept of credit cards.  Gas, groceries and services cost too much.  The value of a dollar ain't shit anymore.  When a guy slips a dollar in my garter, it's a good thing.  But if that happened 20 years ago, I would have been able to buy a loaf of bread, a gallon of gas, and some eggs.  I have to get another ten of those dollars if I want that stuff now.  

I doubt my fairy tale agenda would ever become reality.  The reason people can't do lots of drugs and own high-powered artillery is because the people that can't enjoy them responsibly fuck it up for everyone else.  It's the same reason for all the other liberties we can't enjoy.

I'm going to just play the game of life as best as I can because that seems like the only plan to stick to no matter how much things change or remain the same.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Day of rest

Ah, sweet Sunday.  No work, no bullshit.

I treated myself to some sushi today.  It was so epic for my inner fat kid.  Mmm, I want cake now.

I also bought some new lingerie.  I have so much lingerie now, I should throw away an old pair for every new thing I buy.  I'm running out of space for things I never wear.  I've been thinking about trashing some old bras I wore when I was still a virgin.  Nothing a trip to goodwill can't fix.

I've come to my senses since it's been some time since my little crush incarnate hung out with me.  I'm glad I didn't act upon that temptation.  I would've made such a mess with my personal life.  I just gotta fight the demon in me.

I can't believe I'm saying this but I hate it when I have an awesome connection with a guy I met at work!  Kind of the same way a responsible person hates ecstasy.  It's fucking awesome when you're on it but once it's over you know what kinda damage it does when you go too far, and it's real easy to go too far.

But I exercised great self control even though I could barely concentrate.  I was brutal in my icy rejection.  I took that money and the show was over even though we wished it wouldn't end.  But I have to rest some time.  And that's Sunday.

Rest well, I'm about to.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Sticky hot summer

I didn't work again for Thursday.  I'm being so bad.  Maybe I could afford those expensive shoes if I just went into work last night, but I'm not gonna drive myself nuts over that.

My gut was telling me it was gonna be another shitty Thursday with a million hooker bitches and no guys.

But today is Friday so I'm gonna go in rested and smoke all these bitches.  

My ass is lookin hot from all that buns of steel I did this week.  I still think my thighs are probably fat to their standards but fuck them, because my legs are quite squeezable.  I'm not made of beef jerky.  My juicy ass looks tastier anyway.

But seriously, I'm gonna do it smart tonight.  No booze, no drugs... Just gotta stay focused, busy, and most of all, FUCKIN SEXY!

Monday, August 13, 2012

What does it mean?

That question comes up so much in every discussion I can think of.  What is the meaning of life?  What does it mean to me?  Maybe it's code for "why should I care?"

Maybe the answer to that is because we gotta do something while we're breathing.  We as humans desire greatness for ourselves.  There are thinkers and doers that achieve that.  I'm a thinker.  I'm the one daydreaming when I should be working.  But I'm still useful because I am the one coming up with ideas and solutions.  If you need creativity, I can help.

But I can't waste my life by thinking about it!  That is my personal struggle... To do the things I think about doing.

I think about being a vampy bitch to guys at the club.  But I'm so used to smiling and being nice that I forget to act vampy.  Hmm, I need to practice.  It's easy to do on the stage.  I don't feel bad when I take just one dollar.  That's easy to afford.  They got money, and I'm naked.  Pay per view, bitches.

And I asked a guy who frequents the club why he came in all the time.  He said it relaxes him.  So he enjoys a lap dance the way a beer drinker enjoys a brewski.  I remember I once justified a lap dance as equivalent to buying drugs.  The next day you think, "damn.  But I know I had fun!"

But in this industry, the pornography industry, this product is watered down sex, not the real thing, therefore not where the real money is at.  And that's what it means to be a stripper.  It's good for girls, not guys.

What's good for guys is real sex, in which they cum.  But whores do that job, and it's good for guys, not the girls.

Having said that, I feel like I've been in this industry long enough to have it pretty much all figured out.  I know what I need to do to make more money at this "profession." I have rode the line between innocent and shameless and I have to cross it if I want to have any more stories to say about it.

If I want to stay a moral chick, I gotta get into a new line of work.  I definitely want this.  I want to grow old and have kids one day.  There is no such thing as an old prostitute.  They catch something and die before that happens.

My nonstripper friends all say I'm meant for better things than lap dances and booty shaking.  It's time to evolve out of that stage.  I know I just gotta do it instead of talk about it.  I am scared to commit to something that might fail.  But why should I be?  Nothing seems promising these days, especially stripping.

So it's time to look for opportunities in education and research.  One thing I've also noticed from work is that I dislike stupid people.   If I work in a school or a career that requires higher education, I lower my chances of working with stupid people.

Doesn't that sound awesome?

Sunday, August 12, 2012

This fucking weekend


God, this job is bullshit!  Last night was Friday night and I made kill-yourself money.  So I got drunk at the club and then puked it all up after I got home.  No, I didn't drive, in case you're wondering.  No guys came in.  It was so slow.

Tonight was busier, but it took a while for me to start making money.  Like I didn't score one guy til 2.  Two in the fucking morning!  What the fuck!?

I kept my poker face solid tonight.  I was completely frustrated but I don't think it showed.  It's just that everyone is broke!  There are so many girls, omg they take that money before me and I know I do it to them too but gosh I see girls winning all fucking night and it's like, I wanna win too dammit.

And these damn guys with their bullshit game.  There isn't enough room for their game because all the girls are trying to run theirs.  No you can't have my phone number and I don't want to work at your place.  Again, what the fuck.

But I pulled through tonight.  I worked til the club got empty and I took home more bread than last night, but it still wasn't very good.  I'm disappointed with what I made for the week.  Even though it's the summer.  It's supposed to be shitty.  But I thought my hard work would make a difference.  It didn't.  I shouldn't fret so much about the misery of not making money because I'm not alone in that boat.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mid-week madness

I love the middle of the week because I don't usually work those nights.  It's great to have a life outside the club because I get so crazy from being around it too much.

I went to the mall today to get my new glasses and to pass the time I went to the lingerie store, Frederick's.  I'm like a kid in a candy store at that place.  The sales lady was very nice and she hooked me up into this corset and I just LOVED it!

I was about to buy it until some other customers needed her help and she kind of left me there long enough to run out of the store without buying anything.  I felt bad for wasting her time but I was about to spend money I might not have had.  My credit card almost got maxed from the glasses and I wasn't sure if I had enough room on it for the sexy clothes.  Besides, $62 for a HOT corset that I know is really only $19.  Come on, for real?  I can't be that easy.

I can probably get my guy to buy it, because it is super beautiful.  I just need to get one that's on sale, not $62.  I can't justify buying a vanity item at the marked up price.  It's like buying those pink sparkle shoes for $300 from that stupid shoe vendor guy at work.  

I don't like getting ripped off any more than anybody else.   And the sad part is I probably would have bought all that stuff if she didn't leave me at the register to help those other stupid, trashy customers.  A mistake I've learned in the sales business is to never make your customer wait.  You have to be fast at getting them to spend before they change their mind.