Sunday, August 26, 2012

Another useless Saturday

Nights like last night make me think I must be in the wrong business.  God.  It was high supply.  Every girl came to work with an impossible, lofty goal and no guy came to pay for our company, just wanted to see us naked for free.

I deserve better than this!

I was so disappointed once I noticed every guy had no money.  I started looking at them like they were all fucking douchebags because that is what they were to me, nothing more.  Sorry if he has a nice personality, but he paid the cover to do the same thing that whoremonger standing next to him was doing: see the naked ladies. I'm just a naked lady to them, nothing more, even though I am a person with feelings, just like him.  But I'm at work.  Feelings go aside because it's all about MONEY.

Money over people, that's how it is at the club.

I fucking hate money.  And yeah I am saying that because I didn't make any last night.

So fuck money.