Sunday, September 15, 2013

Yay, football season!

I had a good weekend thanks to the many football fans who got dances with me.  Hooray!

Now it's time to switch back to study mode.  Slutty mode shutting down.

I'm getting better at taking less bullshit.  Football fans come in all categories, the most common being the young jock.  Young jocks love the stage because they can't afford lap dances.  And they try to get lap dance action sitting at the stage.  It's disgusting how much they think they're entitled to for one dollar.  I just want to tell them to go back to creepin on cheerleaders because that's all they'll ever get.

So a lot of guys want to smack my ass and I AM NOT COOL WITH IT!  Not for one dollar.  I should just get a tattoo on my ass that says "$10 per smack."

One young jock smacked my ass and I looked at him with rage and yelled, "Hey, douche bag, did I say you could do that?  You need my permission first."

I could tell that embarrassed him.  Ha.  I couldn't believe I just taught that guy a lesson!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Small break from homework

Sorry, Internet, I've only been using you for school lately.

What happened to all my free time?!  I already miss it.  Just a little bit.

But I'm not gonna get shitty grades!  I have to be competitive.  I would like to think I'm doing good so far.  Seems like the homework is pretty incessant.  I need to get used to this feeling.  I used to know it well.  But two years is kind of a long time to let your brain get soft.  I'm dreading the tests I'll be having soon.  I can't fail.  I can't let my fear of failing cause me to fail either.  Fuck!  I want to own the hell out of my classes.  I WANT to succeed.

Just stopping in to let you know I'm not dead.

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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Too hormonal to strip

I might have to skip every 4th Saturday.  When it's my last inactive pill, I get PMSy.  I skipped work tonight.  Fuck that.  I don't need to be crying in front of a ton of douche bags.

I don't feel like getting all gussied up.  I just wanna wear workout clothes, flat shoes and no makeup.  I'll never get dances looking like this.  See, I'm way too negative to be working tonight.

Part of me just wants to go out and socialize, and just be a customer.  I'd spend money I don't really have, though.  Last night wasn't fruitful and since I'm too bipolar to work tonight, I'm just gonna have to try to sit and save my money.

I've been busy doing my homework, trying to keep up with all my assignments and deadlines.  I'm loving school; It makes me happy, despite how much work I've got because of it.

I've been trying not to skip my workouts.  I got some good butt lift sessions done on Monday and Friday.   The rest of the week I got my exercise from walking around on campus and climbing stairwells.  Fuck elevators, except when I'm not wearing shoes meant to tear up the stairs.

I made pitiful money this week, but I'm proud of myself for staying an active student and athlete.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Young and broke

Not my night.  Nothing but a bunch of fucking douche bag frat boys.  It was a nightmare.  Just a bunch of stingy, unappreciative bastards.  I would've kicked them all in the face with my new, shiny shoes if I could.  My feet hurt so bad.  :(

Since there were only young boys at the club, I had to dance in front of someone on stage.  When I got in front of this one group, some guy was having too much fun trying all the girls, testing to see what we will do for free.  Ugh, I am not putting ANY extra effort in my dancing for one dollar.  It's gonna take a little more than that to get me excited.  Some guy wanted an "appetizer."


He later asked me to take off my glasses for him.

"No," I declined.

He was shocked that I wouldn't play his stupid game.

God.  I should just get some panties with "MONEY TALKS" on the back.

I'm hormonal.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Time to enjoy the weekend

Ah, I'm done dancing until next weekend.

Last night was pretty crazy.  Some guy made it rain for my doppelgänger.  I'm gonna suppress my jealousy because it does no one any good.   There were mostly young customers to choose from.

I considered doing a "Labor Day sale" for lap dances, but my buddy advised me to not undercut, though I wanted to.  No one seemed to want to know what my sale was.  The people either didn't want dances at all, or they didn't care what the price was.  I guess I'll say goodbye to sales and just call it the $20 dance discount, since I can charge $30 if I want, it would make sense to a logical person that $20 for a dance is a great deal.  It also makes things simple when guys wanna run up a tab.

I'm gonna go back to gouging next week, though.  I did pretty well with my labor day sale since the crowd was younger.  In fact, I didn't experience too much of the "low sales" aspect of labor day weekend.  

I wasn't kidding when I said a lot of my customers were young.  My last customer for the night was three years younger than me.  But he became increasingly annoying because not only was he incredibly naive, he was also drunk.  He was asking if I ever got aroused because of the nature of my job.  Like he never considered the fact I might just be a good actress.  Then when it came time to pay, he took way too long to get money out of the ATM, and we were there til close, so all I could think was, "SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GIVE ME THE CASH!  I WANT TO GO HOME!"

Stinkin' children.

Time to shift back into study mode for the week.  God, I love being back in school.  My sense of purpose feels restored.  The trade-off was dealing with alarm clocks and forfeiting all that free time I used to have.  I already had an alarm clock fail and shut it off instead of snoozing.  I was almost late for class for that.  But I'm happy to be back to building my resume.  Very happy.