Tuesday, April 9, 2013

How to tell if she is really into you

This one is for the guys.  I don't know why you guys read my blog, I'm usually such a man hater when I write about stripping.  So here is something useful.

I got a comment from (most likely male) anonymous on my latest post asking, 

"Is there any way to tell if a dancer is really into you rather than just doing her job well? (apart from free lap dances!)"

Good question - this is a tough one.  Dancers flirt for a living.  So when are we NOT in character?

1. A free lap dance (in a place where she could be charging you) is probably the best indicator that the dancer might actually like you.  I would never dance for free (at work).  Maybe sit and chat for one last song while I put my shoes back on, but for me, work time is not the time for free dances.  In my opinion, doing free dances is NOT doing the job well.  It may seem good to you, but it's stupid to do free dances.  So if you're making her stupid, she probably wants you.

While we are on the subject of free dances, it really depends on your personal definition of a free lap dance.  If I get paid for 5 songs worth of lap dances, the guy gets 5 songs, MAYBE a bonus song if I got a bonus tip while the club is empty.  Besides, 5 songs is a good bit of money and it's easier for me to make that money from one guy than it is from working five different guys.  It's my way of saying thank you, but I never overstay my welcome, or give a guy the opportunity to overstay his.  I would never do more than one song without asking for more money.  That is paycheck sabotage.  Would you purposely subtract money from your own paycheck?  That's what a free lap dance feels like to me: working for money I'll never get.  How counterproductive.

2. So on the extremely rare occassion, a real winner comes to the club, and my act suddenly feels way too natural.  I take phone numbers from guys I want to see beyond the club.  That's a good sign, if SHE asks for it.  If YOU ask her for her phone number, she might give you a fake one.  So don't ask.  If she takes your number and gets back to you within a few days, she's interested.  

I understand that it is very hard to tell since some dancers will put on a very believable act to sell dances.  Actions speak louder than words, so pay attention to what she does along with what she says.

If she blows up your phone to keep you coming back to the club, well, she liked the way you spent and has no interest in meeting you outside the club for no charge.

If she wants to come over and bang you for free again and again, it couldn't be more obvious that she likes you, not necessarily your wallet.