Saturday, April 27, 2013


Everyone has them, and some people's nipples are sensitive.  Mine are.

One of the customers offered me a low ball $20 dance and I wasn't selling enough dances to say no.  Since he asked me, I replied, "Only if you act like a gentleman."

I meant it.  I hate doing $20 dances.  It feels like punishment.  This guy was really trying to get his money's worth, too.  He kept trying to touch my nipples and I knew that was going to happen because of the way he was grabbing my tits outside my bra before I took it off.

I don't like being worked hard like that.  Whenever he tried to touch my nipples I'd turn around so he couldn't reach them.  Eventually after a few attempts, he called me out on not letting him touch my nipples.  He didn't seem to understand that I don't allow intimate touching for the low ball price.  So I said, "You should have offered me $30."

He behaved for the rest of the song and then paid me my measly $20 and I took off, just ready to check the fuck out and go home.  Ugh!

My nipples are for my enjoyment only.  It's not in my job description to give away access to my nipples.  Dance with a girl who is less sensitive if you MUST get nipple play.

So tonight was not as good as last night.  I was not feeling the crowd.  Everyone I talked to seemed to want to "relax" and not buy lap dances or even tip singles.  Not my night.