Thursday, July 12, 2012

I ordered new heels!

I found a website that's a lot cheaper than what other websites charge for stripper shoes. They put everyone else to shame, especially the salesman who tries to sell shoes at the club for ultra high prices.

So I got some sexy school girl pumps, and a couple of pairs for work, which include double clear straps for ultimate comfort and support (in my opinion), one pair is hot pink and the other pair is clear.

Now I can't buy shoes for another six months unless I earn it. I'm set for shoes. But if those pumps are comfy enough, I might get a few more sexy pairs I had my eye on. And the light up shoes were cheaper too! Under a hundred bucks, which I haven't seen before. I still don't wanna pay that much for shoes. All the shoes I bought were under $50 a pair. Because any more is just retarded, unless they look fucking sick. But I'm not buying sick heels if they are uncomfortable.

Now I gotta wait through the weekend for them, then they will be ready for next week. I look forward to no more stinky, broke down heels!