Monday, March 28, 2011

I am a fucking bazooka!

I just felt like saying that. Yeah, I know I'm weird. But that is why I'm awesome.

I decided that I'm going to quit the club I work at now to work full nude. I don't make enough money where I work now and I am quite sick of seeing certain faces.

A new chapter in my stripping career shall begin!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I despise the music he plays for me.

I worked the day shift and had to pay the day DJ and the night DJ. I don't like the night DJ because he never plays music I like. I never said I like R&B and whenever I go on stage he plays stupid R&B songs that totally suck.

How the hell am I supposed to put on a show if I can't move right to the music? I think he does it to piss me off. Even customers don't like the music he plays for me. So why did I have to pay him?

Well, the night-time manager is a hustler... I mean a good businessman.

He said that if I make money on his shift (which starts at 7) that I have to tip everyone out. Since I did quite a few dances between 7 and 8, I had to pay. I had to pay for a DJ that plays shitty music, I had to pay for a floor host that didn't even walk me out when I left, and I had to pay the manager for having shots with the customers.

But at least I'm not broke. I'm workin tomorrow. Talk to you later.

Monday, March 7, 2011

I've been working, really.

Ugh, working as a full time student and a part time stripper can really get exhausting. I haven't had the energy or the willpower to write this weekend, and that is sad.


I still don't feel like writing anything.

I feel like nothing has changed. It's the same old shit, different day kinda thing. I put up with nice men and selfish-prick-ass-hole-douchebag-looking-for-a-cheap-whore men.

I made shit money two nights, and I made damn good money one night.

I would have said the same thing I've said before.

I feel like I'm detaching from my soul more. I work so much and I work so hard at school. I have no time for me.

I'm not coming up with excuses, now. I really can show you why I have no time, but I don't have to recall every detail, now. I am anonymous and I am a character, but I am real. And I think that it's dangerous for a girl to let the entire world know every dark corner of her.

Just know that Bella Hack is really a good girl, just sometimes does bad things.

What bad things? I'll tell you next post.