Thursday, March 10, 2011

I despise the music he plays for me.

I worked the day shift and had to pay the day DJ and the night DJ. I don't like the night DJ because he never plays music I like. I never said I like R&B and whenever I go on stage he plays stupid R&B songs that totally suck.

How the hell am I supposed to put on a show if I can't move right to the music? I think he does it to piss me off. Even customers don't like the music he plays for me. So why did I have to pay him?

Well, the night-time manager is a hustler... I mean a good businessman.

He said that if I make money on his shift (which starts at 7) that I have to tip everyone out. Since I did quite a few dances between 7 and 8, I had to pay. I had to pay for a DJ that plays shitty music, I had to pay for a floor host that didn't even walk me out when I left, and I had to pay the manager for having shots with the customers.

But at least I'm not broke. I'm workin tomorrow. Talk to you later.