Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fucking drunks

I hate drunk people when they stumble into me and ask me how much for a dance. Someone did that to me on Saturday. I told him the price and he sat down so I danced one song for him and charged my usual price and his response was, "that wasn't a dance."

I don't usually get this from guys. He was so out of his mind so I didn't bother trying to turn him upside down. He was intent on not paying so that made me intent on getting him kicked out. Over one dance. I don't give a shit. No one gets away with ripping me off. I don't get those four minutes back... Lol

So no more drunk guys. Wait, then I wouldn't have any customers! No more stumbling fit shaced ass holes.

It's like rolling the dice with those guys. Sometimes I get a lot of money for minimal work or it's a waste of time, and time is money.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Goodbye, April.

Now it’s time for the summer to begin.  I absolutely dread this summer with my head held as high as I can hold it.  

Last summer SUCKED for me.  I’m not planning on that happening again.  But if the money sucks like it did last summer, I will need some help.  Luckily I’m dating someone who would do anything for me include pay for my expenses.  

But I’m a girlfriend.  I’m too expensive and I know it.  That’s why he doesn’t hate me working.  If he could really afford my expenses, I’m sure I wouldn’t be working.  

I’ve been working Wednesdays for the past couple of weeks and they turned out not too bad.  I think that extra day really does make a difference.  It’s been a while since I could say I’ve got a little spending money but I do!  It’s a nice feeling.  

So now it’s May.  Now it’s time to dodge storms, figure out which college courses I want to take during the fall, hustle mercilessly until Labor Day, and stay in the shade.  Fuck, now I have to watch out for kids that aren’t in school.  Looks like I will be avoiding the movie theaters and the mall. 

But now I can afford to go to the mall!  Haha, I think I’m going to buy some new jeans, ones that make my ass look really good.  I want to get new boots too.  And some crocs for fishing!  I’ll save the leather for the fall.  After Labor Day, I’m getting a new leather jacket.  

Ugh, I still need to save for my pole.  See, there’s my problem, along with everyone else in the world, as soon as I make that money, I can think of a place for it.  I know there will be nothing left over if I’m not careful.  Bills never go away.  It’s a constant worry so I try to pace it out.   

But nevertheless, I think I'm going to have a great summer this year.  I've been doing very well for myself so far this year.  I've been learning how to take each stride with poise and finesse, and each month I've been improving.  I hope I stay on that track.  I'm sure I will as long as I stay focused.