Monday, November 14, 2011

I did a lot of riding this weekend...

now my butt is sore.  ;)

Motorcycles are great. 

So while my pussy acted like a hissing vulture to anything with testosterone, I got out and just did what I wanted.  I saw my old friends, I got some SOUL back. 

But now I'm piss broke again.  Looks like I'll be hitting the pole sometime during the middle of the week. 

Friday, November 11, 2011

Fuck you, Aunt Flo

Next time you run me over with that hormonal cycle I'll get a hysterectomy!

Just kidding.  Having no uterus means I'll never get horny again and I can't live with that.  Not to mention shaving a mustache.  And who wants to be on a lifetime prescription for replacement hormones?  I think I'll deal with red tide taking me out of work this weekend.

I will live.  My bills are paid for now. 

And even though Aunt Flo is a BITCH that makes me STAY HOME ON THE WEEKEND, the good news is I'm not pregnant.  Yesss!

No more breaks in birth control.  When I take it normally, I never get a period (which is a blessing).  Next time I won't wait a week when I run out. 

But no babies expected! 

So tonight instead of going to work or getting my freak on, I'm gonna get my geek on instead.  Call of Duty here I come!