Friday, November 11, 2011

Fuck you, Aunt Flo

Next time you run me over with that hormonal cycle I'll get a hysterectomy!

Just kidding.  Having no uterus means I'll never get horny again and I can't live with that.  Not to mention shaving a mustache.  And who wants to be on a lifetime prescription for replacement hormones?  I think I'll deal with red tide taking me out of work this weekend.

I will live.  My bills are paid for now. 

And even though Aunt Flo is a BITCH that makes me STAY HOME ON THE WEEKEND, the good news is I'm not pregnant.  Yesss!

No more breaks in birth control.  When I take it normally, I never get a period (which is a blessing).  Next time I won't wait a week when I run out. 

But no babies expected! 

So tonight instead of going to work or getting my freak on, I'm gonna get my geek on instead.  Call of Duty here I come!