Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Welcome back, DST

Not only did I lose my power hour (2 a.m. to 3 a.m.), I lost out on lap dance money.  Fuck this weekend and the stupid clock change.  This is when it negatively impacts life.

I am so mad at men right now.  Some young guy ran up a tab for $100 worth of lap dances and he didn't pay me.  It makes me sorry I don't charge up front.  The reason I don't is because 99 percent of the time I get paid after I do the dance, even for tabs higher than $100.

I am going to be so fucking corporate and cold next weekend.  I'm not cutting corners anymore.  I hate to take nonpayment so seriously because that's the risk I take, so yes, that one percent of the time I don't charge up front, I dance for free.  It just happened to be this weekend.

It makes me think of bad debts to creditors.  It can be a lucrative business collecting from people who owe, but not every person pays them back.  I wish I could've ruined this guy's credit, lol.

When he told me he left his wallet in the car, the moment I realized I wasn't gonna get paid, one corner of my upper lip started twitching involuntarily, which is the microexpression for "contempt."  I got so mad because I spent all that time dancing for that piece of shit when the club was full of paying customers, but I spent almost half an hour listening to him talk about himself and how he wants to take me outside the country.  The fact he wasted such valuable time to me made me take it personal.  Not only was I robbed of my revenue, I was robbed of the time I could've used being productive.  I felt so stabby the next day.  It's been a while since I've been this rattled over work.  It makes me want to tighten up so hard.

If it's amazingly busy next weekend, I'm not gonna fuck around.  I gotta get back on my game, up the control.  No more chain dances, no more wheeling and dealing if it's not up front.  I've been kind of soft with my prices lately, trying to give everyone a good deal.  Well it's March, and if the going's good this month, I'm gonna take more measures to maximize my profits.  I'm happier when I get paid more.  So now it's time to break out the brass balls because I am so pissed off.