Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The month of hell is almost here!

Last year, the month of March was amazing, and this year it has been so far.  I'm just sad that it's almost over, the same way a bipolar person feels when their manic phase is about to end and they know their depression phase is about to begin.

I need this month to be good so I can afford to pay my taxes before the 15th.  I need a side job so I don't have to claim my ass dollars.  Self-employment is expensive if you don't pay quarterly.

There is some good news for me, probably not for this blog, though.  But I am so tickled to say that I have finally seen the light at the end of this stripping tunnel.  Since I've been in business school, I've explored the internship opportunities for students with my major, and they are awesome.  The internships actually pay (unlike journalism internships) really good money.  Many pay over $20 per hour plus overtime.  With that kind of pay, I can afford to quit stripping for good, and I have never been able to say that before.  It feels so amazing to know that I CAN make good money without stripping.  I just need to stay focused on my GPA and to continue networking with real professionals and the successful students.

Judging from the past years, April sucks in a lot of ways, especially when I was a student.  For the spring semester, April is usually the last month, which means the pressure is on to finish out the class strong and ace the final exams and projects.  No fucking around allowed.  Not just school wise, but work wise, my nightly earnings decrease AND I gotta pay my taxes.  April has always been the month of hell and I'm sure it will be this year, too.