Sunday, November 25, 2012

Black + red = sexy!

I was looking as tasty as thanksgiving tonight!  I had that red lipstick and bra on with a black leather garter belt and black thigh high boots.  Very fetishy.  Even the hot sexy ladies I work with were loving my outfit.

I think some guy looted my thong.  I was called to stage after dancing for a guy and I grabbed my stuff, but didn't get my panties.  I thought they would still be there when I got off stage.  I looked later but I couldn't find them.  I'm not too upset.  It wasn't expensive. 

So tonight was very slow.  I was doing circles in the club trying to get SOMEONE to dance.  It was tough.  My sexy outfit got a few fans.  One really saved my night.  He was a dominant type.  I played a good, submissive little stripper, since I'm a good, submissive little lady.  But I wasn't submissive about my price, ha.  

I'm surprised my ass didn't get blasted by a drunk dude.  There were plenty of them, too.  Omg.  This bachelor party group was so terrible.  They were flinging coins!  YOU DON'T DO THAT! GAH!  I would have kicked them in the head if they hit me with one, I was lucky I didn't get hit... Shit, they're lucky I didn't get hit.  

Those boots killed my feet.  Time for my salty bath!  My muscles are squealing with happiness for that.  

Even though tonight was slow, it was worth coming to work.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Turkey tastes good

I didn't work.  Fuck work.

I busted ass all month, I can afford to take thanksgiving off.  Black Friday, too.  I'm so glad I'm going to sleep through all that madness and not spend a dime.

Don't give a fuck!


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Turkey ...and pie

I went to work tonight.  I figured it would be good since most men with money have thanksgiving off.

I was right!  There weren't many girls working and there were plenty of guys.  A lot of them were young, foreign and shitty (like for a moment I saw nothing but cheap foreign dudes.  The next white guy I saw I almost asked him if he spoke English).  But I dug deeper and found the guys willing to dance with my pretty ass.  I was strict (brutal) with my prices and it paid off.  I recently took a little sales advice.

Life is good!  Happy thanksgiving to you all, eat lots of turkey and your favorite sides that come with it, and let the tryptophan settle you into a wonderful nap.

Then go to the strip club when you wake up  ^.-

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I burned my ass


I hadn't been in a while so I took on the full 15 minutes instead of 12.  I figured I had been tanning long enough to handle it.  Turns out I'm still a white bitch who burns.

It's not a bad burn, though.  I think it'll turn out fine.

So I'm thinking about going in to work tomorrow.  It'll be Wednesday night, the night before thanksgiving.  The last time I worked it was a busy night.  I'm hoping it will be busy again.

Gotta stay motivated.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Stupid, slow Saturday

If it weren't for the paper-thin athletic shorts guy, the kisser, the drunk luster, and Santa, I would've worked for free tonight.  Thank you, ass holes.  You all were a pain but your cash makes up for it.  

Everyone else that saw me naked can fuck off.  Cost of business is getting higher.  I need my hot Epsom salt bath.  

Sleep time!  I hope those church bells don't wake my ass up.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Withdrawal limit reached?

No problem.  I take cards.

Last night was the first time I said that.  It's about time.

So my ass got saved by the square.  I was doing pretty shitty for a Friday until then.

I need to stop showing up late.  I'm so lazy and it shows.  I could do so much better.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Watch out for puke!

Some guy came into the club all wasted and didn't make it to the toilet in time.

So I was doing a lap dance for a good-paying customer and all of a sudden, this guy trips over the potted plant near us and lands on it, face first.  I wasn't sure if he had passed out but he got up after a few seconds and went straight to the bathroom.

I was wondering what got my feet wet... what was that all over the floor?  There wasn't much light where I was, just a black light.  I studied it for another moment then I figured it out - it was puke.  

"Fuck.  Gross... Omg I need to clean my feet off but I'm in the middle of a dance!  Shit!"

I ran to get a paper towel to wipe off my feet.  I found out after the dance that the puker got my fucking shoes too.  Good thing it was my beater pair and not my sparkle heels, I would've been so upset.  

But other than the guy puking, I had a good Thursday.  It was slow, but I had a few good customers to even out the downtime.  

But yeah, some dude puked.  At least he wasn't the guy I was dancing for.  It makes me think of this video.  

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Winter is coming

My hands are so dry.  Omg where is my lotion?  Shit, I ripped another shirt with my hard nipples.  I need to save up for black Friday omg  >.<  *girl problems*

I love that it's cooler outside now.  Fuck, the crisp air is amazing!

Ok, I don't know if it's because the winter is coming, but I've been so hungry lately!  Ugh!  polar bears and tundra animals pack on pounds to keep warm for the next few months.  And thanksgiving is next week. Holy shit, November is a short month.

I wanna bake some badass cookies.  And by badass I mean bad for my ass.  I want some chocolate chunks the size of golf balls in them.

Girl scouts need to get on their shit and sell me some fucking cookies!

Santa, help me this holiday season.  Help me discipline my fat ass into a good workout regimen.  I went to a kick ass workout that wore out my pecs.  My upper body strength is shit.  And so is my tummy.  I need to stop eating.

Food is not your friend, Bella.  Eat good, burn good.  Fuck yeah.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Damn bills

Ugh, I hate bills.  Now I gotta make more ass dollars.  

That extra hour of work, the weather changing and the few pounds I dropped must've weakened my immune system because I'm getting sneezy and sniffly.  Bah, I hope it passes quickly.  

I might go to bed early.  I've been dragging ass, lacking energy.  Hopefully I will be better by Thursday.  

Sunday, November 4, 2012

That extra hour

The cool thing about working overnight is dealing with daylight savings time.  For me, that meant more time to make money, which I did.

The customers were much nicer to me tonight.  I made more money, too.  Amazing.

I'm so fucking pooped.  That extra hour made the night so much longer.

Oh, there is a contest for America's Top Stripper.  That's not me.  I don't know all the stage shenanigans, I can't do the splits, I suck at hustling and I hate losing.  I might have a great booty, but I'm not about to pussy-pop doing a headstand like Chocolate Dream.  She should be America's Top Stripper.  She makes all the boys in the club go, "Damn!!"

I hope someone from my club gets it.  We got hot bitches, just how motivated are they?  The prize is $5,000.  That's a good chunk of money.  I sure could use it.  But I'm guessing second place gets nothing, which blows, hardly makes the contest worth doing.  It's funny because there is a sign-up sheet in the dressing room and no one has touched it.  And it's been there for a week, now.

My best customer tonight was a Gemini.  I don't know what it is about Geminis but they fucking love me.  And I love them, too!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

People are so horrible

I got the worst customers tonight.  No one understood what "tip" meant.  People must think I like being molested.  

Let's see, I scored a dance with a couple, old and gross, probably high on ecstasy because they were both extremely smiley and the lady was quite loosened up.  Most women are really uptight.

Oh and I also scored a non-tipping sweatpants bonerman.  (I just love that term, it describes them perfectly)  I was not about to get his nut sweat on my ass and then he criticized my dance.  So I criticized his pants.  Ugh.  !!!  >.<

I also got another guy who happened to be drunk, and it was his 21st birthday.  God dammit.  

Oh I didn't get a dance from the guy who says I am too good to be stripping.  FUCK YOU!  And he gave me his business card.  He is a lawyer.  I walked away and threw it in the garbage when I got into the next room.  I should have tossed it when he was still looking.

I should've been a bigger bitch.  I felt like I failed at sales.  I made money, but I felt like I worked way too hard for what I took home.  I saw other girls smoked what I made tonight.  I was so jealous I wanted to cry, especially for being jealous.

Ugh, why am I being so damn weak?!  I hate being such a nice girl.  Makes me wanna puke.  I'm gonna be such a mean hustler tomorrow.  I hate watching girls make more money than me.  I wanna be that bitch pulling in a grand.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Working Halloween

I've certainly had better nights.  But I made some money, which is good.

It was pretty good when I showed up.  There weren't very many girls working because they all wanted to skip work and party.  Plus, end of the month is usually shitty.  But I wanted to kick ass since bills are coming.  I don't want to go broke.

Anyway, my night started out good, but once 2 o'clock came, nobody else came through the door and I got stuck with the same broke ass people.

There were a lot of couples that came in, many in costume.  This one lady gave me her black angel wings, and looked hot with my red and black lingerie.  I didn't keep it, though.  I figured I wouldn't be wearing them again.

So now it's November.  Time to get ready for Thanksgiving and some good money nights!