Thursday, November 15, 2012

Winter is coming

My hands are so dry.  Omg where is my lotion?  Shit, I ripped another shirt with my hard nipples.  I need to save up for black Friday omg  >.<  *girl problems*

I love that it's cooler outside now.  Fuck, the crisp air is amazing!

Ok, I don't know if it's because the winter is coming, but I've been so hungry lately!  Ugh!  polar bears and tundra animals pack on pounds to keep warm for the next few months.  And thanksgiving is next week. Holy shit, November is a short month.

I wanna bake some badass cookies.  And by badass I mean bad for my ass.  I want some chocolate chunks the size of golf balls in them.

Girl scouts need to get on their shit and sell me some fucking cookies!

Santa, help me this holiday season.  Help me discipline my fat ass into a good workout regimen.  I went to a kick ass workout that wore out my pecs.  My upper body strength is shit.  And so is my tummy.  I need to stop eating.

Food is not your friend, Bella.  Eat good, burn good.  Fuck yeah.