Saturday, November 3, 2012

People are so horrible

I got the worst customers tonight.  No one understood what "tip" meant.  People must think I like being molested.  

Let's see, I scored a dance with a couple, old and gross, probably high on ecstasy because they were both extremely smiley and the lady was quite loosened up.  Most women are really uptight.

Oh and I also scored a non-tipping sweatpants bonerman.  (I just love that term, it describes them perfectly)  I was not about to get his nut sweat on my ass and then he criticized my dance.  So I criticized his pants.  Ugh.  !!!  >.<

I also got another guy who happened to be drunk, and it was his 21st birthday.  God dammit.  

Oh I didn't get a dance from the guy who says I am too good to be stripping.  FUCK YOU!  And he gave me his business card.  He is a lawyer.  I walked away and threw it in the garbage when I got into the next room.  I should have tossed it when he was still looking.

I should've been a bigger bitch.  I felt like I failed at sales.  I made money, but I felt like I worked way too hard for what I took home.  I saw other girls smoked what I made tonight.  I was so jealous I wanted to cry, especially for being jealous.

Ugh, why am I being so damn weak?!  I hate being such a nice girl.  Makes me wanna puke.  I'm gonna be such a mean hustler tomorrow.  I hate watching girls make more money than me.  I wanna be that bitch pulling in a grand.