Friday, January 23, 2015

Mornings and night shift

I work late on weekends.  I get up early for school during the week.  My body hates it.  Having to get up too early is the worst feeling.  It's not as bad as staying up really late.  I'm excited for when I become a morning person when I quit for good.  :)

My body is getting loose.  I need to stop skipping the gym.  Laziness.  I miss my personal trainer but I've had to cut back on spending because shit is getting more expensive and I'm not charging more money.  I just wanna bitch slap the customers that whine about $25 or $30 dances.  Don't be surprised that I also adjust for inflation!  I understand why they still go for $20... Supply and demand is a bitch.  Overall, there's a sharp decrease in demand once the price goes over $20.  Sigh.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Back to school, work, life

Vacations are never long enough.  That's why I'm chasing the profession that has the most vacation time out of the year.  I like working hard when I'm working so that I can get more time off for vacation.

Anyway, so work has been pretty slow (too many girls honestly) these past few weekends after new years.  I know better to not expect much.  I've been earning less than average, so money is tight because it seems like this is when all the prices and things go up.  Like fucking health insurance.  Story of our lives, though.

Story of my life last night.  It was particularly dead so I took a break and came back for the last hour. First guy I talk to when I get back is someone I thought I saw on Friday night.  So I'm acting like he's a returning customer and what's weird is that the guy on Friday gave me a massage, and he was a complete noob.  It's so crazy, he was wearing the same type of glasses frames, was bald, close to my age... I really thought he was the same guy from last night, but one huge difference was massage talent.  I asked him, "where was this last night?" and he tells me he wasn't at my club last night.  At that moment I realized he was not the same guy.  I hate confusing people for someone else, it's such a customer service fail.  But he was laughing about it and carried on with his magical massage.  I've only had a massage from one person in my whole life who was as good as this guy, so I decided to spend my last hour getting some myofascial release.  It's a close second to making money from drunk weirdos during the last hour.  I hope he comes back, lol.  I always invite them to return but only like 2% of the time they actually do.

I'm thinking this year 2015 is gonna be my last year dancing.  I'm hoping to retire for good after I graduate in December.  Then it'll be time to intern full time and go from there.  Master's degree probably soon after.  I love school, and I believe I can handle it.  Competition in the non-stripping workforce is even fiercer than the competition at the club.  Just now, I gotta be better looking on paper instead of in person.