Friday, January 23, 2015

Mornings and night shift

I work late on weekends.  I get up early for school during the week.  My body hates it.  Having to get up too early is the worst feeling.  It's not as bad as staying up really late.  I'm excited for when I become a morning person when I quit for good.  :)

My body is getting loose.  I need to stop skipping the gym.  Laziness.  I miss my personal trainer but I've had to cut back on spending because shit is getting more expensive and I'm not charging more money.  I just wanna bitch slap the customers that whine about $25 or $30 dances.  Don't be surprised that I also adjust for inflation!  I understand why they still go for $20... Supply and demand is a bitch.  Overall, there's a sharp decrease in demand once the price goes over $20.  Sigh.