Sunday, November 25, 2012

Black + red = sexy!

I was looking as tasty as thanksgiving tonight!  I had that red lipstick and bra on with a black leather garter belt and black thigh high boots.  Very fetishy.  Even the hot sexy ladies I work with were loving my outfit.

I think some guy looted my thong.  I was called to stage after dancing for a guy and I grabbed my stuff, but didn't get my panties.  I thought they would still be there when I got off stage.  I looked later but I couldn't find them.  I'm not too upset.  It wasn't expensive. 

So tonight was very slow.  I was doing circles in the club trying to get SOMEONE to dance.  It was tough.  My sexy outfit got a few fans.  One really saved my night.  He was a dominant type.  I played a good, submissive little stripper, since I'm a good, submissive little lady.  But I wasn't submissive about my price, ha.  

I'm surprised my ass didn't get blasted by a drunk dude.  There were plenty of them, too.  Omg.  This bachelor party group was so terrible.  They were flinging coins!  YOU DON'T DO THAT! GAH!  I would have kicked them in the head if they hit me with one, I was lucky I didn't get hit... Shit, they're lucky I didn't get hit.  

Those boots killed my feet.  Time for my salty bath!  My muscles are squealing with happiness for that.  

Even though tonight was slow, it was worth coming to work.