Sunday, December 2, 2012


Well I did pitiful tonight.  I lost focus and my energy.  I felt out of my element.

I'm glad my week is over.  Hopefully next week will be amazing.

My regular showed up and he danced with all of my co-workers instead.  Timing was off, I couldn't get him alone.  Again, I'm glad this week is over.

Tonight's bread winner was a older black gentleman to my surprise.  The sad part is I still think he was being cheap.  I hope I gave him blue balls.

Tonight's color was hot pink.

Some drunk guy was trying to explain the Mayan prophecy.  Haha, that was too hard to follow.  I do remember him saying the scarcity part of the world is over and that what's next is abundance.  It better be an abundance of money!

I wish.  Maybe it's the end of the world that has illegal marijuana, fucked up religions, and humans dependent on oil.  They better figure out how to convert poop into fuel.  Oh wait they already have.  WHY AREN'T WE FILLING OUR TANKS WITH SHIT?!  WE CAN NEVER RUN OUT OF SHIT!