Sunday, August 4, 2013

Crazy night

So many things out of the ordinary happened tonight.  I am a very lucky lady.

One of the ladies that works at the club got robbed.  I am so lucky it wasn't me.

I feel nervous, now.  I'm glad tonight was Saturday so I won't be back until Thursday night.  They better have tightened up the security by the time I return.

I had a fan from last night return to make it rain.  Well, his "friends" were sort of making it rain.  But they were being complete jackasses to me.  One guy kept slapping my ass with his thick stack of ones, and it hurt!  And of course EVERYONE wants to slap the fuck out of my ass when they see one person do it.  But I as I was cleaning up the pile of ones that I took too much abuse for, the guy from last night started bugging me for birthday sex.  Puke.  Ugh.  So after I gathered all the ones, I got off the stage, went to the bathroom to straighten out the bills and traded them out.  I deliberately avoided him because I was really sick of that conversation.  But thanks for the money shower.  Happy fucking birthday, now go home and jack off.

In other news, a tourist from California was smitten by my southern charm and he tipped me generously.  Then he introduced me to his girlfriend (I think?).  They both wanted me to give her lap dances.  Turned out it was her 18th birthday.  I made it a really good birthday for her.  She was writhing with pleasure as I grinded my booty up and down her pussy.  She also got to make out with her boyfriend while I did it.  This lap dance was so hot, some broke ass wanker was watching because I wasn't doing the dance in a private room, so I shot him a dirty look that hopefully sent a message sounding like, "Tip if you're gonna stare, perv."

I felt like Lilith from True Blood.  I was getting my dyke on hardcore, almost getting off to my own lap dance, sinking my teeth into the juicy fun my job can sometimes offer.  I love my job!  

And in other news, thank god for regulars, otherwise I would have sworn this was a shitty weekend worth skipping.  It certainly had the potential to suck.  There were a ton of losers that wouldn't budge when I asked them to dance, and a bunch of dudes sitting at the stage not interested in tipping.  So not fun.  Guys like them make my job hard.  Dear money gods, bring more hot bisexual 18-year-olds with rich boyfriends.