Thursday, August 22, 2013

Wednesday on a whim

I LOVE working part time.  But even for stripping, working part time means less money.

I got a lot of expenses coming up.  I recently bought a car, now suddenly I have no cash and everyone wants a ton of fuckin money from me.  That must be the summary of everyone's late August.

So I decided to put in a few hours on a very early Wednesday evening, around 5 p.m.  I forgot how creepy day shift guys are.  Creepy, however, still quality (financially).  When I came in, there were no guys in the club, and a handful of dancers.  No big deal, day shift is supposed to be slow, right?

My first customer I got within the first 15 minutes of working.  Some guy in a suit, apparently from Egypt.  He kept trying to push the limits, and then he tried to take a fucking picture of my ass with his cell phone without my consent or knowledge.  I heard the camera click and I told the guy, "I'm sorry, you can't take pictures." He didn't get a clear shot, it was mostly a black screen with a red blur.

Then he stopped getting dances, and I am pretty sure he left.  Probably because I wasn't falling for his stupid games.  Then I ended up doing a dance here and there for a few of the customers that trickled in for the next three hours.  Once 8 o'clock rolled around, I started noticing familiar night shift girls coming in.  Day shift is technically over at 8:30, but most day girls stay until 10:30.  But by 8, I could already tell the dancers were gonna heavily outnumber the two guys in the club.

Last night wasn't a complete waste of time, thankfully.  I'm not used to the longer conversations.  Since I can't just walk away and move on to some other guy, the fast hustle "wanna dance?" is useless when it's light out.  Some guys felt really entitled to just chat my fucking ear off.  One guy explained a part of chemistry that stumped the shit out of me when I took it years ago.  But I ran game a little better and got an extra dance out of it.  Hehe.  

I might do this again later today or I might just wait until tomorrow to kill it.  I gotta go pay some bills, now.  Depends on how cleaned out I feel afterward.