Saturday, August 3, 2013

"One hour minimum"

That's what this Turkish guy kept telling me.  I was most definitely his type.  

I found this winner at the stage, and I began the conversation before the waitress even served him, even though we are technically supposed to wait for each customer to have been served by the waitress.  Oops.  But when it's busy, you can't keep up with every person that walks through the door.  How am I supposed to know this guy just showed up?  

Either way, the waitress approached him right after my first sentence which was, "Hey, would you like a lap dance?" 

I felt like I was coming off too strong too fast so I turned around to walk away, and he said, "Wait, don't get lost yet."

He expressed interest really quickly, so we got to the dances really quick.  He was a chain dancer.  Score.  But after each song, he got increasingly creepy.  At first he was admiring my ass, then my neck, then he started imagining what our sex life would be like if I were to be his wife.  

Oh boy, when you have been on vacation for a week like me, getting back into the swing of things can take a few days.  I didn't give myself any days to do that, and listening to this guy describe the way HE would like to have sex, and I kept laughing in his face every time he would say something completely wrong.  It was a bit draining to try to keep acting, but hey, I'm getting paid so I'll dodge propositions all night long til he gives up, because when guys think about sex, they don't wanna stop, and then they wanna manifest those thoughts into reality... With me... And I soo do not like having sex for an hour.  My pussy would be so raw and sore I'd kill him halfway through.  

He kept saying "one hour minimum sex with me every day."   Like I don't have a tight fucking schedule already.  But of course it's his fantasy, so I play along, but I am laughing every time he says it.  

I'm guessing that men get racist in the club since nudity is acceptable.  But this man mentioned he was Turkish, and that he is very brutal.  

My turn to be racist.  He did not seem to respond positively when I mentioned I was going to school. 

He did not take my rejection lightly.  He said he hated me when he handed me the money.  I think he would have hated me more if I had led him on because the whole time I dodged his propositions by saying that I'm a lap dancer only.  I feel like I'm doing them the favor.  Maybe I should just spoil the end by saying, "You go home and jack off tonight."

And tonight was wanker exploiter night.  I think everyone I danced for really tried to get me to fuck them outside the club.  Since it's rent week of the worst month of the year, the predators figured the strippers would be easy this weekend.  I wonder how annoying tomorrow night will be.  

Ya know what else is funny, is the 24-yo handsome young man headed to med school expressing mad interest in me repeatedly refuses to get a dance with me, and he STILL asked me for my phone number so that he could take me on a date.  And that poor sucker shouldn't have asked me that while I was WORKING.  I was so vicious with an icy rejection.  I even made fun of him while talking about him to my friend about ten feet away right after it happened.  I hope he learned that "you gotta pay to play... Stupid." 

Overall, the night was good for me.  I caught a few big fish and a few small ones, and I didn't have too long of a break in between.  I'm glad I stayed busy, because vacations are expensive.