Saturday, August 17, 2013

Scholarly dance

I wore a sexy school girl costume tonight.

Some guys were eating it up, others weren't.  The crowd was lame, again.  I hate running in circles looking at the same dudes that already said no, or later.  Fuck later.  If I leave, some other girl is gonna take his money.  Not what I wanna hear.  I'm incredibly impatient.  I try to hide it.

Some dude said I looked nervous.  Probably because I was full of energy not being used on dances.  I wanted to explode but no one was wanting to play.  

Making money was pretty hard.  I think every guy only did one song.  I hope I'm not getting sloppy.  I've been dancing as lazy as possible on stage.  Like, I leave a lot of dudes hanging when they put a dollar in their mouth and wait for me to put my boobs in his face for it.  Ugh, I'm so over it.  I have a leg garter.  It's where dollars go.  I don't mind the side of my panties, either.  But no more scratching up my poor chest for a measly dollar.  So many dudes don't shave, or wash their faces.  I used to get so much acne when I didn't know better.  Gross.  

I do my thing.  It helps keep my guard up, and take no shit.  I just move how I want, and I'm not hurting myself for anyone.  I see so many girls do such straining moves and I just want to tell them they really don't need to work that hard.  Now I understand if someone is making it rain, then it would motivating enough to bust out some hot moves.  Some guys are fucking scum and don't tip when I dance in front of them.  

Luckily I was patient and made steady, slow money.  I left early because I have to wake up early tomorrow.  Goodnight!

Edit: I completely forgot some highlights of the night.  

One good-looking guy wanted a black girl, and there was one girl sitting with a couple of young dudes and I had a feeling they weren't gonna spend on her, so I interrupted her conversation with the losers and told her to come meet someone.  I introduced them, and I let them be.  About half and hour later, I saw her still doing lap dances with him.  I think he treated her well, and I was psyched to have helped hook her up.  She was really nice to me earlier, so I was happy.  

Oh and there was another cute couple both in love with my ass.  Yes.  I love girls that don't act uptight, even if they're straight.  So I gave her a hot lap dance while she kissed her boyfriend.  I think I like doing couples, ha.  

Yep, I'm bi.