Sunday, August 11, 2013

Yep, it's August

Bad night for me.  Other girls were doing fine.  I failed.  Big fat F for tonight.  I could not make money.  I suck at hustling.

The weather is so hot my eyes sweat.  Trying not to admit I cried like a bitch.  I tried pulling myself together, but it was useless.  Every time I tried to not cry, I'd just cry more.  I thought I was strong enough to not cry because money is shitty, but I guess I reached my breaking point.

It didn't help to have a bunch of low-balling pieces of shit treat me like a piece of meat.  I just really hated my job tonight.  I couldn't handle the rejection, not tonight.

I'm on birth control pills, and today was my last reminder pill so I'm thinking the lack of actual hormones is why I couldn't stay emotionally centered.  Chemical PMS, probably.

There is always next time.  Ugh, I just hope I bounce back sooner than later.