Saturday, August 31, 2013

Back to school woes

Everybody spent all their money on tuition and books this week.  Including me.

I need revenue.  Ha.  The information from my economics class is already sinking in.

So, I went to work tonight, and I'm lucky to have made money.  I didn't expect much since it's the beginning of Labor Day weekend - the worst weekend of the year for sales.  I'm in the trough.

I danced for a guy who had stinky booze breath.  He said he'd do a dance, so when we sat down, I was waiting for the next song to start.  To kill time, I usually chat up my customer.  I kid you not, and I've never heard this in my life.  After a few sentences, he said, "I'm done with interviewing today."

Oookay, I took the hint to shut the fuck up and just dance.  Screw waiting for the next song then.  You don't wanna hear me yap?  Look at my ass.  I thought he was a douche bag.

Another man fell in love.  He didn't want to buy lap dances because he wanted to get to know me outside the club.  Ugh, NO WAY!  I hate booze.  It makes men stupid, but not always with their money.

Another man who was into booties danced with another chick who looks just like me said she likes me likes me.  I can't believe customer gossip, though I would like it to be true.  She's hot.  But I feel like guys make that shit up a lot just because they're in fantasy mode.

I wonder how tomorrow will play out.  I hope it's not terrible.  It probably will be.  Or I'll meet a handsome money prince who will save my night.