Sunday, September 1, 2013

Time to enjoy the weekend

Ah, I'm done dancing until next weekend.

Last night was pretty crazy.  Some guy made it rain for my doppelgänger.  I'm gonna suppress my jealousy because it does no one any good.   There were mostly young customers to choose from.

I considered doing a "Labor Day sale" for lap dances, but my buddy advised me to not undercut, though I wanted to.  No one seemed to want to know what my sale was.  The people either didn't want dances at all, or they didn't care what the price was.  I guess I'll say goodbye to sales and just call it the $20 dance discount, since I can charge $30 if I want, it would make sense to a logical person that $20 for a dance is a great deal.  It also makes things simple when guys wanna run up a tab.

I'm gonna go back to gouging next week, though.  I did pretty well with my labor day sale since the crowd was younger.  In fact, I didn't experience too much of the "low sales" aspect of labor day weekend.  

I wasn't kidding when I said a lot of my customers were young.  My last customer for the night was three years younger than me.  But he became increasingly annoying because not only was he incredibly naive, he was also drunk.  He was asking if I ever got aroused because of the nature of my job.  Like he never considered the fact I might just be a good actress.  Then when it came time to pay, he took way too long to get money out of the ATM, and we were there til close, so all I could think was, "SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GIVE ME THE CASH!  I WANT TO GO HOME!"

Stinkin' children.

Time to shift back into study mode for the week.  God, I love being back in school.  My sense of purpose feels restored.  The trade-off was dealing with alarm clocks and forfeiting all that free time I used to have.  I already had an alarm clock fail and shut it off instead of snoozing.  I was almost late for class for that.  But I'm happy to be back to building my resume.  Very happy.