Sunday, September 15, 2013

Yay, football season!

I had a good weekend thanks to the many football fans who got dances with me.  Hooray!

Now it's time to switch back to study mode.  Slutty mode shutting down.

I'm getting better at taking less bullshit.  Football fans come in all categories, the most common being the young jock.  Young jocks love the stage because they can't afford lap dances.  And they try to get lap dance action sitting at the stage.  It's disgusting how much they think they're entitled to for one dollar.  I just want to tell them to go back to creepin on cheerleaders because that's all they'll ever get.

So a lot of guys want to smack my ass and I AM NOT COOL WITH IT!  Not for one dollar.  I should just get a tattoo on my ass that says "$10 per smack."

One young jock smacked my ass and I looked at him with rage and yelled, "Hey, douche bag, did I say you could do that?  You need my permission first."

I could tell that embarrassed him.  Ha.  I couldn't believe I just taught that guy a lesson!