Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Too busy not stripping

Well, I guess things around here may be getting quiet because I hardly ever strip.  I've become a sustenance stripper.  I only work the weekend nights.  The rest of my time is spent working on school, chores, fitness and socializing.  Who cares if I don't make enough money?  That's what financial aid is for.

I also got lazy on my workouts.  My ass is getting bigger, I can tell!  I'm milking my good luck while I can.  Because before school, I wasn't lazy with my workouts and my body was thin and cut.  My abs faded back into my increasing adipose.  My thighs aren't as tight, either.  But my ass grew.  And it's not nasty, yet.  So it's good news for now.

I took a step back and reworked my time management and drew up a new plan and fit in some workout time with my class and study time.  We'll see how well I can stick with it.  Sometimes I overestimate my willpower.  "Easier said than done" kind of thing, because do you ever look at something on the schedule and go, "I just don't FEEL like it!"

My ass got real good at listening to that devious thought when it came to exercise on school days.