Sunday, September 8, 2013

Too hormonal to strip

I might have to skip every 4th Saturday.  When it's my last inactive pill, I get PMSy.  I skipped work tonight.  Fuck that.  I don't need to be crying in front of a ton of douche bags.

I don't feel like getting all gussied up.  I just wanna wear workout clothes, flat shoes and no makeup.  I'll never get dances looking like this.  See, I'm way too negative to be working tonight.

Part of me just wants to go out and socialize, and just be a customer.  I'd spend money I don't really have, though.  Last night wasn't fruitful and since I'm too bipolar to work tonight, I'm just gonna have to try to sit and save my money.

I've been busy doing my homework, trying to keep up with all my assignments and deadlines.  I'm loving school; It makes me happy, despite how much work I've got because of it.

I've been trying not to skip my workouts.  I got some good butt lift sessions done on Monday and Friday.   The rest of the week I got my exercise from walking around on campus and climbing stairwells.  Fuck elevators, except when I'm not wearing shoes meant to tear up the stairs.

I made pitiful money this week, but I'm proud of myself for staying an active student and athlete.