Saturday, September 7, 2013

Young and broke

Not my night.  Nothing but a bunch of fucking douche bag frat boys.  It was a nightmare.  Just a bunch of stingy, unappreciative bastards.  I would've kicked them all in the face with my new, shiny shoes if I could.  My feet hurt so bad.  :(

Since there were only young boys at the club, I had to dance in front of someone on stage.  When I got in front of this one group, some guy was having too much fun trying all the girls, testing to see what we will do for free.  Ugh, I am not putting ANY extra effort in my dancing for one dollar.  It's gonna take a little more than that to get me excited.  Some guy wanted an "appetizer."


He later asked me to take off my glasses for him.

"No," I declined.

He was shocked that I wouldn't play his stupid game.

God.  I should just get some panties with "MONEY TALKS" on the back.

I'm hormonal.