Sunday, August 18, 2013

August is a long month

It's such shit.  A lot of low quality guys, once again tonight.

Quit saying no! Omg!  I swear, some men NEED a little bullshitting.  On a few men, I lingered after I bugged for a dance because I feel I shouldn't give up so easy sometimes.  And on a few of those men, it did work, and they ended up spending money on me.

Another handful of men that have danced with me in the past were there tonight.  And they all made me wait over an hour to get a dance with me.  And one of them wouldn't shut up, I felt very stupid to hang around for as long as I did.  I broke one of my own rules and that's sitting around letting people ramble.  I hate to be rude.

We had a lot of new girls working tonight.  A couple of them were on stage with me, and they were working so fucking hard for such small amounts of money.  Full on spreading their legs wide open way too close to the hands of the potentially grabby tippers.  It's not my place to tell them dancing like that is not smart.

The last time I did a move like that on stage, some motherfucker grabbed my pussy with his entire hand.  My inner germaphobe went berserk.  I slapped the shit out of that guy and screamed in his face, "YOU DON'T DO THAT!"

When I complained to the bouncer, he looked at me like it was my fault and said, "You shouldn't have put yourself in that position in the first place." I was just trying to put on a show, but honestly, these guys don't deserve that good of a show for maybe a few dollars.  Even the best of stripper ninjas can't flip out of the way if they're laying down or bending over.

Speaking of bending over, my main selling point is my ass, because I got no tits.  So a lot of times, bending over in front of someone gets me tips.  But I learned I can't do this nude due to the fact PEOPLE TRY TO STICK DOLLARS IN MY CORNHOLE.  People are fucking pigs and I only say people instead of men because one drunk lady tried that shit, and that's when I stopped cutting females slack.  I don't even bother hustling them, unless they want me to.  I find that many chicks only come to the club to just see what the hell really goes on and the games don't work on them.

Anyway, even when I have my panties on, people try to stick dollars in the middle of my crack and I just want to jab them right in the face with my elbow.  Don't worry, I'm well aware that violence is not acceptable in the club.

There were a lot of young guys at the club.  I don't recall seeing many older men tonight.  Interesting.  All the kids came out to play before they go back to school.  A lot of guys I danced for were hot.  Fun.  Though some of them were total jackasses once they started talking.

I'm gonna go catch up on my rest.  I woke up uncomfortably early today.  Damn family.  I took a nap after a big dinner before work, and that really helped me get through the night.  But now I'm crashing and burning.  More news next weekend!