Sunday, December 23, 2012

The female customers were better.

Well, tonight couldn't have been any more average.

I thank the people that actually came to the club and spent money on me.  Because I would have been broke if it weren't for them.

So Christmas is in a few days.  I'm guessing that's one of the reasons I didn't make as much as I wanted.  I understand people got presents to buy.

The end of the month is coming, so that didn't help the cash flow, either.

I'm lucky my regular came in.  I'm always so glad to make a little something from him.

Then I danced for a handsome couple - the lady was really hot.  They were both liking my body and she was pretty into it.  I like that.

I also danced for a couple of other girls.  They seemed a little drunk, but that's good.  I don't mind buzzed chicks.

One guy, who didn't spend very much on me, gave me his phone number which I threw right into the garbage once I walked into the dressing room.  What's creepy is he came over to me later in the night to say goodbye and reminded me to call him.  I had to keep my poker face because I totally didn't have his number or any interest to call him.

I didn't dance for any bread winners, sadly.  There were plenty of jackasses taking up space.  A lot of them were being stingy, and two of the most shark-tastic hustler chicks were backstage talking about how shitty the guys are with their money.  Like, they don't even take stage tips, never get on stage unless they have to.  Very money-oriented, so when they are doing bad, it's obviously a bad night.

So much for tonight.  I did better last night, blah.

One more week and it's a new year.  I need mo' money!