Thursday, February 7, 2013

Lots of exercise

My butt lift program is going well.  I don't suck at the moves anymore.  I can't wait til I can do all the workouts without running out of breath.  I used to have great stamina during my cross country runner days.

I can almost pass what's called "the pencil test."

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The pencil test is where you take a pen or pencil and set it right under the butt cheek while standing up.  If you can hold the pencil in that spot without hands, your butt could use a lift.

Though when I searched for this picture, some bloggers found the test to be a bullshit way to make girls feel bad about themselves.  I don't feel bad for having a big booty.  I got all this ass and I need to keep it UP.  But I don't feel bad about myself, I think it's a fun challenge.

So I'm not safe yet.  It's only day 27 of 60.  I don't notice a big difference in the back of my thighs, but everywhere else is starting to tone up.  My abs and arms are popping out a little, so I'm glad I'm making progress.

In other news, pollen has been rampant lately.  I'm getting cold symptoms; a sore throat, but it's the scratchy kind.  I got some Benadryl so I'll be sleeping soon.  I hope I don't get worse because I should be working tomorrow night.

I could use some luck.  I'm going broke.  I can't go broke.