Friday, February 8, 2013

Under the weather

Under the big cloud of pollen.  I suppose it's better than the cloud of snow up north.  It's good to be a southern girl... With allergies.

It's getting harder to breathe, nose is running more, my face... Ow.

My body is literally fucking sick.  I don't think it's a cold or flu, though.  So I can work tonight and not feel bad about spreading biological warfare to my competition.  I wouldn't feel bad if I did, but not everyone I work with deserves to feel this drained.

Of course I didn't go to work last night.  Not enough energy, as the rogues used to say. (That was a WoW reference because I am a NERD).  I have not touched that game in a year or so.  I still have yet to meet an exotic dancer who got into it.  I feel like I'm the only one.  I've shocked the hell out of some nerdy young customers dropping some WoW lingo.  

I feel gross.  Why did I have to get so sick right before my work weekend?  Excuse me, I gotta blow my nose.  

I'm gonna go pop about 4 zyrtecs before I go in.