Wednesday, February 27, 2013

After stripping ends

I usually use my nights off to lurk and watch Netflix.  There's this movie called After Porn Ends and since I'm technically a porn star, I figured I should take a look.

I'm not gonna do a full movie review, I'm too narcissistic to dedicate my blog to such things.  But I did learn something from watching this film: GET QUALIFIED for a real fucking job.  Something I can do when I'm 64.  NOW IS THE TIME.

Before the film was even over, I started searching online for some promising careers, since I'm doing so well at journalism.  I wanna go back to school and start fresh.  No more bullshit.  I don't want a dream job anymore, I want a real job so I can make my dreams come true at any time in life.

I'm going back to college to really invest in my future this time.  I don't care if I owe more money to student loans.  I'm pot committed at this point.  I might as well go back and get the right qualifications for a career in health care.  

If I've learned anything from stripping, it's that there is money to be made when there is a DEMAND for something.  I've done my share of filling the demand for temporary sensual company.  Despite how fast I make the money when business is good, it's really not worth the risk or the reward.  I'm not saving enough, I don't have enough, and I'm losing my competitive edge (youth).  It's time to supply a new demand.

People don't stop getting sick.  People need healing, and I think I can fill that demand for the rest of my life AND make better money than dancing if I get the proper training now.  I read that dental hygienists make decent money for the level of training required and work normal hours.  Surgeons and physicians make even more.  

Before I ever considered dancing, before I was old enough to dance, I wanted to be in health care.  I loved studying the human body.  I should have never stopped.  I let that F in calculus bring me to think pre-med was too hard of a major.  Nothing is too hard when a lot of money is at stake.  I believe my brain can handle science courses now that I've watched everything on the science channel.  I also have enough college experience to do it right second time around.  

The most popular piece of advice I've gotten from those who have heard my "I don't know what to do with my life" speeches is to "follow your passion, do what truly motivates you." 

Seems like such a hard thing to do, figure out what I'm really passionate about.  I used to think it was sex, then money.  But one thing that remains true beyond human passion is survival.  The will to survive isn't in just humans but in all living things.  There will come a time in someone's life when their survival depends on my surgery.  Saving a life seems priceless but in the world of health care, a price can be put on any procedure.  I'm motivated to save lives.  I would get a thrill out of it, and my patient even more so.  They would be happier than if I were to have given them an orgasm.  And I didn't have to get naked to do it!

I'm starting to draw up plans to get financial aid and re-registration done so I can get back in the classroom this fall.  I've had enough time and fun being a stripper with a stagnant professional life.  Time to wake up and change that.  I can't do this forever.