Wednesday, July 11, 2012

It's hard not to eat.

So I'm worried my ass will get too fat if I get rid of all the junk food in my house by eating it. I think I will just run a few extra miles... Because I'm certainly not throwing away those chips.

On my nights off I feel great recharging my body, eating more food, sitting on the couch, watching my favorite shows or reading something cool. God I feel so guilty by Tuesday night. Good thing I'm working tomorrow night.

When I watch TV, it seems like people are always eating. And seeing that makes me so hungry, even if I just ate, especially if I just ate something healthy. So I tried curing my munchies with apples. I fucking love apples, why did I ever stop eating them? I think that once I replace all the sinful fat foods with fruits, I will tone up nicely.

So I'm almost done clearing out the snacks in the pantry. Hopefully they won't make my butt too fat. I just wanna get my pole so I can really have fun getting fit. I need to do more core work. And crunches and all that shit on the floor is boring! Instead I wanna build my core by doing those upside down moves.