Sunday, July 29, 2012

I'm getting worn out.

My knees hurt, my hip is out of place, and I'm freakin tired!

For those that dance, here is some advice from a girl who has been on this job for over three years: find a chiropractor that is good and inexpensive, and visit regularly.

Right now, I don't have a chiropractor and I'm looking for one like that. I badly need a hip adjustment, according to the massage therapist.

So dancers, if you're just getting started, take it easy! I learned the hard way that busting your ass for these guys just isn't worth it. I was dancing so calmly on stage today because I'm tired of hurting myself. A few other girls including Death Drop were slamming their heels on the stage and doing flashy moves which look cool at first. But because I have seen them week after week, it's just annoying. Quit clapping your fucking heels together. I hate that sound. It does NOT make dicks hard, which is what spends.

And I'm almost certain Death Drop is gonna break her shoes, but hopefully not her face or her knees. I've already seen another girl break her shoes.

There is nothing wrong with dancing slow, I don't care if you think it's boring. My knees are the only ones I got!

Alright, some lessons, ladies.

Get a good chiropractor
Don't bust up your joints doing crazy moves on stage
Don't clap your heels real loud.

Now go to bed and get some rest. That one was for me.