Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mid-week madness

I love the middle of the week because I don't usually work those nights.  It's great to have a life outside the club because I get so crazy from being around it too much.

I went to the mall today to get my new glasses and to pass the time I went to the lingerie store, Frederick's.  I'm like a kid in a candy store at that place.  The sales lady was very nice and she hooked me up into this corset and I just LOVED it!

I was about to buy it until some other customers needed her help and she kind of left me there long enough to run out of the store without buying anything.  I felt bad for wasting her time but I was about to spend money I might not have had.  My credit card almost got maxed from the glasses and I wasn't sure if I had enough room on it for the sexy clothes.  Besides, $62 for a HOT corset that I know is really only $19.  Come on, for real?  I can't be that easy.

I can probably get my guy to buy it, because it is super beautiful.  I just need to get one that's on sale, not $62.  I can't justify buying a vanity item at the marked up price.  It's like buying those pink sparkle shoes for $300 from that stupid shoe vendor guy at work.  

I don't like getting ripped off any more than anybody else.   And the sad part is I probably would have bought all that stuff if she didn't leave me at the register to help those other stupid, trashy customers.  A mistake I've learned in the sales business is to never make your customer wait.  You have to be fast at getting them to spend before they change their mind.